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Portland Peace Camp may be evicted

Portland Peace Camp may be evicted.
I talked with members of the Portland Peace Camp, the group of students and activists who are camping out in Terry Shrunk Plaza. They were visited today by an officer of the Department of Homeland Security who told them that the feds want them out by 9:00 AM Saturday. According to the camp, the officer first told them that the feds would "appreciate it" if the camp was cleared out by 9. Then, when pressed, he told them that 9 was, indeed, a deadline for removal. After the activists asked for his name and badge number, according to the activists the officer then began waffling on whether or not 9 was a real deadline.

They need your support! Show up at 8:30 AM tommorrow, and bring food, hugs, warm beverages, cameras, and peace.
Where 21.Mar.2003 21:49


is the shrunk plaza?

Location of Terry Shrunk Plaza 21.Mar.2003 22:05

pandy scandal

Terry Shrunk Plaza is at 3rd and SW Madison.

leftist bitch 21.Mar.2003 23:20


you're one o' them sissy ass cops aintcha?

can smell your pigshit a mile away. no wonder you're so unhappy.

I will be there 21.Mar.2003 23:42

ALex Zeisberg guitarfreak2910@aol.com

Yeah me and my freind will be down there. We havent decided what we will bring but yeah i will be there. And if anyone has any clue's on anymore meetings, than could you e-mail me please? And tell me about them.

Also on thu. a guy got shot, with a bean bag thing that like exploded when it hit him, for sitting on the side of I-5 like on the fence and wasnt yellin at the officers or saying anything mean or hateful. He was only trying to get his point across that he wants peace to the passer byers! No one seems to talk about it or has any footage or pics or anyhting. And i just kinda wanted to make sure everyone knew about this increadibly mean hateful act by the police. Also one of the officers in the back walking behind the other officers was laughing about it. The guy on the fence got back up on the fence after being shot and they,the police, didnt fire agian. Also this cooprete media is crap. I have been listening to them all day and i cant believe how they dont talk about these crazy police acts.
If anyone has any footage or info about the guy i would love to know what happened.



You guys Rock! 21.Mar.2003 23:59


Dan and every one that is camping at T S Plaza,
I just wanted to let you guys know that "YOU ROCK" for camping out down town! Way to make a statement peacefully, with out causing the police to work overtime, and with out costing the city more money. You guys got on TV and you were heard!
You Rock!


what happened? 22.Mar.2003 11:40


does anybody know how things went at terry shrunk plaza at 9 this morning? did people leave? was force used to remove them?

Let Me Know 22.Mar.2003 22:18


I saw around six P.M. tonight that the tents were still up. It looked like a bike cop was there, but no trouble. I'd like to know if they're still there, and if they're staying there.

I made German rolls and jam to take in the morning. If anyone knows a good time to come down and add my donation to their breakfast, let me know by posting here.

Thanx and Love,

Peace Camp Update 23.Mar.2003 01:15


The peace camp at Terry Schrunk Plaza is still there, as of about midnight on Saturday.

The best time to go by for a visit is RIGHT NOW, or anytime you can get a chance to swing by.

They are a growing group of people and are extremely appreciative of anyone who comes by to say hello, drop off food and camping gear or set up a tent and stay until the war ends.

One of the ideas is to have the park full on Monday morning so Vera Katz can see how committed these young people are to peace when she returns to City Hall on Monday morning.

They are also getting a lot of harrassment from the local cops and feds who don't want them there.



demonstration for the corporate media 23.Mar.2003 06:52

J. anniel88@hotmail.com

We want the corporate media to report on the reason we are protesting and how thoughtful our protest was. We want them to say that thousands of people gathered peacefully to protest Bush's war, his foreign policy and his illegitimate presidency.

We want Joe American to see the corporate newscast of our protest and think..."Jeez, these are normal people like me and they feel like this, huh?"

We need to separate ourselves from mask-wearing provocateurs who burn flags, spit on and hit policemen in the heads with baseball bats and throw bricks through windows.
We are protesting violence through peaceful means, they are encouraging violence through violence. They are working against our cause and may as well be working for Bush.

We need a thoughtful, conscientious demonstration that lets the corporate media report on nothing but the fact that we are normal Americans with something important to say.

new peace icon 12.May.2003 15:16

new peace icon

new peace icon