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PPRC march swells and marches from Pioneer Square: Kops Close Morrison Bridge!

Friday M 21 protest merged and diverged with the weekly PPRC protest... Morrison Bridge got shut down by the cops!
According to the call-ins today from downtown, it seems that tonite's PPRC march was around a thousand people, and that it ended up coming back to Pioneer Square. A little after 7 o'clock the march left the square, started winding around every which way and ended up going the wrong way up Broadway. The cops seemed to be trying to mobilize to stop it, and they just kept bringing more and more cops as the crowd played cat and mouse with them and sat down in the intersection of SW 4th and Stark.

At this point more cops closed in, horse cops, bike cops, robocops, "every kind of cop imaginable"...The ice cream truck was brought out to send messages to disperse to the crowd, pepperspray began to fly and people started to be arrested.

Eventually, around 8 o'clock or so, the Morrison Bridge was shut down by kops and the entire area west of the bridge was filled with kops and vehicles horses bikes and motorcycles, "every kind of kop imaginable", closing many streets... The situation seemed to have deescelated by around quarter after 8. Not sure how many have been arrested.
just got back 21.Mar.2003 22:10


i just got back from this evenings events...i participated in the sidewalk march as well as the march that took the streets afterwards. i would just like to reiterate that the march that took to the streets was PEACEFUL...there was no vandalism, no breaking of windows, no sit downs in the middle of the street...just plain old marching. very much like the PERMITTED ones that this city has seen in the past few months. However, at one point the police did expand and had us trapped from behind and infront...they told us to get on the sidewalk or we would be arrested. WE GOT ON THE SIDEWALK. once we were on the sidewalk and moving along(much the same as the sidewalk march from earlier in the afternoon) , the riot cops enclosed us ON THE SIDEWALLK and pepper sprayed the people on the sidewalk or those trying to get out of the way. once everyone was on the ground like they told us to do, the cops from behind said that if we wanted to leave to go around and they would let us through, when some of us tried this the cops at the front hit us and shook there pepper spray cans at us. I saw one guy across the street on the sidewalk stand and give the Peace sign to a cop and the cop then sprayed him in the face and shoved him against the wall. After awhile and some more threats and pepper spray they allowed two at a time to walk out of the enclosures(this was going on , on both sides of the street). After that some of us reconvened and did another peaceful protest on the sidewalks.
I know most of the people in this crowd were not interested in being arrested because we want to come back tomarrow and the next day to participate.Even if the crowds are smaller then some before i think its important that we keep going. Today was an important day because of the start of "shock and awe" just as yesterday was.
This is my REPORT on todays event.

wait - i'm confused 21.Mar.2003 22:22


i was at the march and there was no way there were 1,000 people. 2 hundred tops. especially at the square.

although, i'm curious as to the tacticle reason why the square was used. wouldn't it make more sense to end up at the federal building, or city hall?

who is the target?

i mean, it's great that people are coming together, and it's important as hell, but i don't understand the strategy. is there one?

just a thought 21.Mar.2003 22:46


we need to be more organized.....don't you think?
any suggestions?

No idea about numbers actually 21.Mar.2003 23:02


You who were there are more likely to have an idea of the numbers than I who wasn't. Just told it as it was told to me!

I was the first arrest 22.Mar.2003 04:53


I was the first arrest at this march some time around 7:33. The police were getting scarry. We were surrounded and I willingly wanted to leave and get out of there. I was on the sidewalk and a police horse in front of me was getting very spooked. So I went into the road and ran between two horses. I was emidately chased by a police officer and once I noticed this I stoped and got on my knees with my hands behind my back. He threw my head into the ground and handcuffed me. Well I was charged with disordely conduct. I was kind of sad to be the first one arrested because there was no one there to talk to in the bus they put me in. In total 7 of us were arrested, or at least put in a wagon with me. We were taken to a jail by the airport. The police told us we would be getting out really soon and they would take us to the max. After several hours they decided that they would actually take 5 of us downtown to "Book us." Two men were not taken and I am not sure what they did to them. WE finally got out around 2 am. While we were waiting for our finger prints to process they made us watch propaganda on CNN for 2 or 3 hours. But I guess that is what you got to do to go to jail for justice.

sheesh 22.Mar.2003 10:26

a mom

You may be proud of what you have done... But you are also ruining people's lives. Because of you closing traffic, I was not able to reach the Hospital in time (my daughter is in critical care").

You may be making a point, but remember, you are also keeping parents from children, families coming home at 9:pm and families of people who need to see loved ones at hospitals, daycares etc.