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There are many forms of protest.

just a thought and a thanks about all of our various ways of protesting playing a role in this
Many people are referring to the PPRC march as lame. I realize that it was not action-packed, but can we please try to stay together on this? This is not a time for all of us who are against the war to disagree with each other. Some people pray; others hold vigils; some march on sidewalks; others practice civil disobedience in the streets, on bridges, and in cells. I thank all of these people, as we all have parts to play in this. As someone who has been involved in these different forms of protesting, I would like to remind people that it is all helpful in some way. So thanks to everyone who is doing something publicly - and privately, too, as we need a change in consciousness for this to stop. Let's respect and honor each other as we continue forward.
i cannot agree more!! 21.Mar.2003 20:41

just another person

thank you...and i hope people really hear this message, especially when they tout the word " solidarity" so much.


a radical responce 21.Mar.2003 20:48


Nothing is more radical than realizing everyone has their own needs & limits. Everyone has personal commits, beliefs, and their own development. We need to be understanding and accommodating to everyone's processes and needs. At the same time we need to try and co-operate and engage each other, as well as provide a protective network for one and another's actions. That is diversity of tactics in action!

it's been hard lately 21.Mar.2003 21:26


This last week has been hard on a lot of people, and when they talk about how lame pprc protests are, they are probably just talking out their frustration/sorrow/aggression because they want to be able to actually do something. Since the pResident is so blatantly ignoring the concerns of the protesters, a lot of people have come to the point where they want to give him something he can't ignore, ya know?