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Request for Information, Testimony, and Evidence

People with information regarding police misconduct at the protests are requested to give their contact information to the Legal Support Team. Call 503-236-7916. Please leave a message with your contact information, and say that you have evidence relating to police misconduct.

If you were assaulted, file a complaint (503-823-0146) and get in touch with the Legal Support Team (again, 503-236-7916).
Twice last night, I was assaulted by the police. In the interest of having a solid case and a good resolution, I am not yet posting a description of what happened. In order to make my case, however, it would be very helpful if anyone caught the assaults on camera or video, or if anyone was a witness to what happened.

If you saw police misconduct, please take the time to write down what happened. Please save your tapes and develop your film. Watch, listen, and look at your videos, tapes, and pictures. If you can do so with any accuracy, note the times at which the things you saw or recorded took place. Please call 503-236-7916, and tell them that you have evidence and/or testimony regarding police misconduct. Please also tell them your name (or a pseudonym) and phone number.

If you were assaulted, pleace call the same number - 503-236-7916 - and tell them your name and phone number. Again, if you get voice-mail, leave a message. Also, contact the Portland Police Bureau's Independent Police Review Division, at 503-823-0146, and ask them for a complaint form - you want to file a citizen's complaint regarding officer misconduct. (You may also be able to get the form at  http://ci.portland.or.us/auditor/ipr/ - their web site has been having some trouble, perhaps due to a server overload, but they are working on getting it back up.)

Dealing with the emotional repercussions of having been involved in an assault - on either end or as an observer - is another thing entirely. Get help with that - talk and cry with people, including possibly a professional therapist.

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal, medical, or psychiatric advice. For any of those, speak with a person that you trust who is licensed in the appropriate field.

Copyright: This article may be republished in any medium, and translated into other languages, so long as this copyright notice is kept with it.

phone: phone: 503-236-7916

Biased much? 21.Mar.2003 21:14


What about protestor misconduct? What about those who perverted the peaceful protest I wanted to go to by attacking journalists and vandalizing property, both public and private? Where can I call to complain about them?

attack? 21.Mar.2003 23:19


the only "attack" that i saw relationg to a journalist was when someone put their hand infront of a lens(not touching it) and then the camera man tried to ram the guy with the camera and tried to "attack" the protestor. I think things liable to get a little out hand when you have that many people and SO many emotions flying. Everyone here can blame the other for what that person did or what another did but ive seen things fly on both ends...ive seen protestors get out of hand, journalists get out of hand, ive seen more unneccesary police brutality happen in the past two days then i have ever before. Ive pretty much come to the conclusion that that is just the way it is but i will still be out there tomarrow whether things are conducted with rainbows or with black flags...will you?

Hopeful 22.Mar.2003 07:56


The Police have been way to nice to you hippies....

After everything I witnessed during Fridays March I believe the Police should be allowed to hunt you all like rabbid dogs!!!