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Arrests and Pepperspray

7:38 pm from SW 4th and Washington
Tear Gas is being sprayed, arrests and pepperspray. People have been sitting down at Stark & 4th.

Corporate media is reporting that this happened as a result of people suddenly taking the streets...
fox12 speaks truth... for a second 21.Mar.2003 19:49


fox news reporter on the ground accidentally announces that the march REMAINED PEACEFUL upon entering the street and that it was their right to do so. He did this as newsroom anchors tried to get him to say the cops closed in because a change of the peaceful spirit of the action. His tone of voice was derisive. They immediately switched to another reporter.

Not True 21.Mar.2003 20:02


Saw the same report. The reporter said the protestors FELT IT WAS THEIR RIGHT to be on the street. He did not say that it was their right. Nobody has the right to block the movement of others, that's obvious to most of us.

Fox did not switch to another reporter. They went to an audio of an interview with police. They went back to the reporter and then ended their footage.

Fox12 cameraman arrested! 21.Mar.2003 20:07


A Fox 12 reporter said that his cameraman was thrown to the ground and arrested. Police say he touched an officer and his bike but the reporter didnt see it. His camera was confiscated.

Glad to see the gestapo are doing something for us for once.

Trolls can't think 21.Mar.2003 20:17

IQ 90

"Nobody has the right to block the movement of others, that's obvious to most of us."

For example, ...to restrain all those "enemy combatants" at camp X-ray, to prevent American citizens from travelling to Cuba, to set up check points at the U.S. borders, to stop random airplane passengers and search them, to break up critical mass rides...
yeah, NOBODY has the right to do any of those things.

You "learn" that shit from overdosing on Fox, eh? Big suprise! No wonder all the trollsy are zombying for war.

pay ATTENTION 21.Mar.2003 20:22


pay attention to what you are hearing onthe news "untrue" they DID cut the reporter off as soon as he was saying THE TRUTH!

don't believe the hype!

4th and Morrison 21.Mar.2003 21:01

Freedom Fighter

I was there when the Armor-Clad Terrorists dispatched by the city of Portland attacked.... I couldn't help but wonder, here are all these terrorists, running amok with chemical weapons, yet our brave men and women in uniform were not there to protect those of us fighting for freedom. i don't get it. where are they? oh, they're all over in iraq murdering innocent people for some unclear reason.

Who are you trying to convince? 21.Mar.2003 22:16


This isn't a protest, it's mass therapy from a bunch of kids who don't know what to do about their own sense of personal failure.

Blocking people from getting to where they need to go -- especially emergency vehicles -- just makes the rest of us hate you, not the president.

I would tell you all to find a hobby, develop an interest in something, but I suspect that the reason you all delight so much in making life difficult for the rest of us is because you feel you have nothing positive to offer.

Competing rights 21.Mar.2003 22:18

LeftFielder leftfield@post.com

"No one has the right to block traffic."

What if we organize something called the Rose Festival Parade? Or if we stream out of a Beavers game together? Or what if we "block traffic" by driving to Lake O at 5:30?

People block movement for all sorts of reasons, yes?

So what's our reason? What right do we assert against the "right" of traffic to flow? Answer: "The right of the people peacably to assemble shall not be abridged."

What you are saying is that our right to peaceful assembly is less important than traffic -- and we say, no our right is FUNDAMENTAL. More important than anything.

This is know as a "conservative" argument, but you may find it too conservative.

To make the argument radical: these rights are not enshrined, and in fact must be won over and over. The natural tendency of those in power is to create conditions where more people dispute their own rights -- as you have done -- and argue that peaceful assembly is less important than traffic.

Ask yourself, what if 1 million people would have been downtown to protest the war. Would traffic have been disrupted? Well, of course. Where else could a million people be, if not in the streets.

When people demonstrate in the streets, traffic is sacrificed for assembly. If you could imagine what a million people downtown would look like, you would agree that traffic had been sacrificed because for a million people to peaceably assemble, much traffic would have been interrupted.

A thousand people have the same rights as those million. If we assemble on the freeway, traffic will be sacrified. Rights which can be expressed only if they cause no disruption -- remember the disruptions of the Rose Parade -- are not rights, but priveleges.

In solidarity,

blah 21.Mar.2003 23:02


first of all...I WAS THERE. we did not BLOCK traffic...cars were maybe slowed down for all of about the time it takes for a traffic light to change...the arrests that happened was while we were ON THE SIDEWALK. Are plan was not to sit in anywhere or to engage the cops in a confrontation. We merely marched through the streets trying to avoid the cop blocks. And i dont know where this so called sit down occured because from my vantage point we were FORCED on the ground of the sidewalk, and was unable to get up or they pepper sprayed us.