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Bigoted Arrest

The police arrested a transgenered woman quite obviously because she was transgendered.
The first announcements by the police to the 2nd and Burnside crew said that anyone could go without consequences if they would get up and leave quietly, heading north. The police did allow several protesters seated in the intersection to do this.
A transgendered woman decided to leave. At first, like several others, she headed in the incorrect direction and police pointed for her to head North. She turned and headed north. Then, she was intercepted by other police, who arrested her. She was quite obviously trying to leave, and she was leaving politely. Many others had been allowed to depart in this manner right before her, yet she was detained.
The only explanation, I can think of, is that she was arrested only because she was transgendered. I am outraged.
clarification 21.Mar.2003 19:48

outraged student protester

Just to clarify, this occurred in the action yesterday, not today.

How did you know? 21.Mar.2003 19:58


Just how did the cops, or you for that matter, know he/she/other was "transgendered"?

Seems a little odd...

are you blind? 21.Mar.2003 20:04


I don't know about you, but you can spot them (most them) a mile away. No judgement being placed here, just calling em the way I see em. What's so odd about that?

Attempting to be as considerate as possible 21.Mar.2003 20:08

Outraged student protester

I know definitely that this person is transgendered because I have met this person. I am trying to be as respecteful as I can while inciting the outrage that this case deserves. Perhaps the cops did not know that this person was transgendered. They did however identify this person as a male who was wearing female clothing. It is possible that they just arrested this person because they thought this person was in drag clothing and that is equally as unacceptable. Either way, she was targeted for noncompliance with typical gender assumptions.

think 21.Mar.2003 20:25


is this transgender person an organizer? have they carried a bullhorn in the past? i've been wondering if its who i think it is. if so, its about more than bigotry. its about lists of names and walls of photos and a reminder of how dirty this is going to get. remember how they started videotaping all the sit in people after the less hardcore amongsth them took amnesty.

if not, sorry... not the person i'm thinking of.

hmm 21.Mar.2003 23:30


the person that is being spoken of i have not met but yesterday was holding a teddy bear and wearing a tu tu type of thing, right as i got home i saw him being arrested and even the media noted how he was volentarily leaving. then all of a sudden you can see him being arrested for trying to leave...the media was like" well i guess they decided to not let people volentarily leave anymore since they just arrested someone who was trying to peacfully leave the area". but then a few more left with no incident so i am outraged as well and couldnt believe what had happened. i think that if anyone has video or taped even the news footage(maybe get a copy from them?) to use as evidence and help this person out then they should call one of those numbers that was listed on another thread for jail solidarity and legal aid.

update 22.Mar.2003 13:36

scaryshit we must respond

the woman you are talking about was apparently beaten horribly and put into isolation. if anyone has more info please update

We must respomd to this