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Suggestions offered

Thanks to all who came to the protest on Thursday. I had some suggestions for future protests which I would like to get some reactions to.
Hello all. Thanks to all who came to the protest on Thursday. I am a lowly supporter, but I appreciate all of you who take to the streets when I cannot. I had some suggestions for future protests which I would like to get some reactions to. I agree that stopping traffic is an effective way to get our message across, but I think that simply lying down in the middle of streets is not the most efficient way to do this. Namely, pick a one way street downtown and wait until the light turns red. Get half of your group of protesters to go out onto the crosswalk and hold out their signs. When the light turns green, the other half stands in front of the second car, while the first group lets the first car go. This group goes onto the third car and stops it, while the second car is allowed to go. Continue on in this leap frog fashion until you are at the end of the block. I believe this strategy would be effective for multiple reasons. First, traffic is never really stopped, just slowed down substantially. Second, every car in the line will see your signs. Third, since it takes less protesters, you will be able to do it on many streets at the same time, forcing the police presence to spread themselves thin. Responses? kellys@reed.edu I will continue posting other suggestions if people like this one. -Sean Kelly
Brilliant! 21.Mar.2003 19:53


For what it's worth... I think that this is a brilliant idea.
What else do you got under your sleeve?

yes...good idea 21.Mar.2003 20:07



Get Gory 21.Mar.2003 23:50

Blood Brother

Let's make it graphic. Let's show some gore. No, not Al Gore. Blood gore! Let's show people what the USA is inflicting on the civilians of Iraq, especially in Baghdad. It's time for some guerrila theater to get our point across. The gorier, the better. Blood, guts. Can anyone get some guts from a slaughterhouse?? Dead Bodies. Mangled corpses. You know, the everyday stuff from the neighborhoods of Baghdad, which the corporate media has conveniently sanitized, censored, and blacked out in deference to the finer sensibilities of the general brainwashed viewership. Wouldn't want to spoil people's supper, would they? The days of breaking windows is old stuff for Portland. Let's get creative. Let's Shock and Make 'Em Hurl.

photos are one good way to display gore 22.Mar.2003 09:39


last spring i was in oakridge TN with a hundred plus folks at Nuke Labs there and we had large (20x30) graphics from hiroshima ans nagaski. very powerful images and we could see the obvious impact thses had on people as they were coming and going from the facility. enough with words and slogans, it's definitly time to get visual!