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Pics of today's rally

I didn't get many good crowd shots, as it was getting dark, but here are a few signs, as well as the tents set up at Terry Schrunk Plaza. (article 1)
Pics of today's rally
Pics of today's rally
Pics of today's rally
Pics of today's rally
Pics of today's rally
Pics of today's rally
I must say that I was quite dissapointed in today's rally. I haven't actually been to a rally yet, since I usually work until 5, but from what I understand there were many more people tonight than usual. While this is great, I fail to see how marching around on the sidewalks and thanking the police for keeping us off the streets is going to help anything. "Thank you, officer, for making sure I don't J-walk against the war!"

Of course, I left early, so maybe more effective action has been taken...

tents? 21.Mar.2003 19:42


Why were there tents pitched? Are people spending the night?

some pics from the PPRC march and rally.. 21.Mar.2003 23:06

br0q germflux@hotmail.com

[here] ..the last few are from when the second march reached 5th and Salmon and the coppers moved in..

Pictures from tonight 21.Mar.2003 23:52


One I saw the cops brake out the pepper spray I headed home. But I did get some pictures.