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Hundreds have gathered at Pioneer Square

Seems peaceful so far... some folks passing around the bullhorn and "not a huge amount of cops visible in the immediate area"
The crowd is moving 21.Mar.2003 19:02


around 300 are heading toward the river down Morrison, flanked by quite a lot of riot cops.

Heading up Broadway 21.Mar.2003 19:33

going the wrong way!

This was called in around 7:17 Friday nite

7:17 report 21.Mar.2003 19:42


PPRC March of around a thousand ended up at Pioneer square and headed off and is now heading the wrong way up Broadway

7:38 Arrests and Pepperspray 21.Mar.2003 19:45


Police have closed in, with horse cops and riot cops and ice cream truck sending out commands...

Arrests and pepperspray --

Some people are sitting down at Stark & 4th.

Corporate Media reported a Fox reporter put his hand on a cop and was arrested...

Morrison Bridge shut down 21.Mar.2003 20:06


8:05 Report from SW 4th & Alder:

Kops have shut the Morrison Bridge down. tons of all different kinds are all over the place, closing many blocks downtown.

All the folks at SW 4th and Stark who were sitting in the intersection are believed to have been arrested (corporate news coverage seems to confirm this-- face down and cuffed)

This caller has seen 10 or so people arrested so far, has not heard bullets fired at all.

The situation seems to be deescalating.