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Protest at the Mall!

Let's go to the mall!
Save the suburban kids from Britney, American Idol, and their mindless, SUV driving corporate parents.
Let's do it 21.Mar.2003 18:45


Count me in. After what happened in Albany, where they arrested a guy for wearing a peace shirt, the mall definitely needs a wake up call. But try to plan the actual thing by word of mouth, not on this site. The popo watch this site like hawks.

mercy 21.Mar.2003 18:52

you be me for awhile and i'll be you

they are dancing in the streets in Iraq chanting USA USA USA

that's unacceptable... isn't it?

Haven't seen much chanting in Iraq yet 21.Mar.2003 19:26

David B

they are dancing in the streets in Iraq chanting USA USA USA
Most of the reports I've heard have the Iraqis timidly greeting US troops, without any great outpourings of exuberance. Maybe because that's the part of Iraq where Bush I encouraged the citizenry to revolt, only to betray them and let Saddam savage them with his military and police.
that's unacceptable... isn't it?

Portland, OR

the kurds 21.Mar.2003 20:13


go see if the Kurds are dancing in the streets. Firt they get gassed on our dime in the 80's... sold out in the early to mid nineties by Papi Bush and now lined up for betrayal as the Turks move troops in against them. Oh how they are dancing in the streets.

I know the american sense of history has a halflife of 30-40 seconds, but try very hard to remember all the stories of how we sold out the Mujihadin while they fought off the russians. What was that guy's name who took it personal?***

Dancing in the street. Come on. You respond to propaganda in the prescribed manner. Please remove head from ass.

Thank you.

***i realize that some of you might be extremely stupid. Ossama bin Ladin.

Mall Action 21.Mar.2003 20:51

Code Pink

If we go to the mall it needs to look silly in the corporate media if they try to arrest us. For example, 50 women go all dressed in bright pink, no signs or flyers, walking quietly through the mall. Let them arrest us for bad taste.

Even better if the pink shirts are for example, Victoria's Secrect or Race for the Cure, from thrift shops of course. Mainstream shoppers might then fear getting arrested if wearing a certain color at the mall.

What do you think?