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internet security

i'm trying to find the best way to conceal my IP. That's basically the address of the internet connection you're using.
If you've been arrested, be extra careful. Electronic snoopage is a potential disaster to organization. Communicate as much as possible in person. Be slick when posting here. Post from random IP's whenever you have internet access.

there is software available... i'm researching it and getting some advice from a corpie e-security consultant. also looking into underground freeware. i will post more info soon.

any info to share? i'd also be interested to know how secure our IP's are when we post to this site.

One school of thought is that there is no such thing as security on the internet. Email encryption, however, can be effective.
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security 21.Mar.2003 21:00

max von smartt

a good assumption is that there is no absolute internet security. another is that big brother watches indymdedia closely. so watch what you post. keep your firewall and virus programs loaded and current. otherwise the man could take out your system or extract info. post from a cybercafe if you dont want to be traced to your home. same for telephones and fax. and encrypt messages if sensitive.

better yet communicate face to face with persons you trust. be careful, but not paralyzed with paranoia.