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Let's Go to the Mall!

Our focus should not be limited to ending this war, we need to ensure this tyrant (or any of his buddies) does not get re-appointed. Our target audience should be the sleeping suburbanites; those being brainwashed by CNN and suffering from Affluenza. Besides, a sit in at The Gap is much more comfortable than sitting in the rain. Let's channel our educational outreach efforts to those who drive their flag-stickered SUVs to the mall. Thoughts?
some ideas... 21.Mar.2003 17:33

kat panther_of_shadows@myrealbox.com

Hey, I was having the same idea. We would have a huge audience....how about a banner drop? I was thinking you could paint a cut through of the ground, 2 graves and skeletons. One labeled Iraqi Soldier, the other US soldier. at the top you could say "A Dead Human is a Dead Human, no matter whose flag they were waving earlier." Or, just a nice no war flag...But, dont we want these mall rats thinking?

Or, dress all in black, mourning style and proceed through the mall. IF we have enough, we could get some figures of how many have died, something like 80, and have a near equal lay down as if dead. A few could stand and "mourn". Drop banner:80 people have already died for this war. How many more need to?! When will the killing stop?

--or gather, march through, chanting.

----do a silent walk for peace. THis seems effective too. There would be less grounds for dispersing us.

Anyone wanna organize??? or think this is silly? I know ya guys may not want to set foot in the mall...but....we'd have a super captive audience that otherwise may not be reached.

Fabulous! 21.Mar.2003 18:01

Former Banana Republican

At the mall, our demonstrations should be accessible and inspirational to the young people. We need to deprogram our young, future voters to ensure an enlightened future. Kids are being brainwashed by TV. Their parents are successful and self-absorbed workaholics and are too busy and tired to be parents, so "family time" usually entails sitting numb in front of a TV together. No thoughts exchanged, no meaningful discussions. Just "Must See TV" and CNN.

What do children like? Kids like puppets and drums and colorfully dressed people. Teens are naturally rebellious, thus a sit in might inspire them to think and participate. We should provide lots of educational leaflets. Provide a list of websites like AdBusters, Sierra Club, and, of course...IndyMedia!

i've done it before 21.Mar.2003 18:06


keep in mind that malls are well guarded generally. They can block all exits easily, have extensive video cameras, and want nothing but commerce. It has to be VERY well planned, with lots of people. Besides that it is perfect place for education rather than confrontation. If you did a huge outreach campaign and pointed out which stores support murder & how commerce facilitates wars, & provided alternative outlets, it would be simply amazing!

Bad Idea... 21.Mar.2003 18:27


Your little routines might go over with Vera and Kroeker but I guarantee you if you should decide to come out to the private property of Washington Square you will end up spending some time in the Washington County Jail...

SUVs 21.Mar.2003 18:28


Malls would also be the perfect forum to draw attantion to the role of the SUV in this war (which is actually a massacre). We should not engage in "tagging", but there are downloadable "mock tickets" that are humorous, educational, and won't upset people as much as putting stickers on their Hummers. If we want to get our point across, we need use intelligent, civil and courteous tactics.

I like it!!!! 21.Mar.2003 18:29


Yeah if there are say 100 people that all seperate go into seperate entrances try to meet somewhere in the middle of the mall or go into the stores and just do a sit in.... pass out fliers.... they can not carry us all out quickly enough, it would work.... then as you get carried out yell about sweatshops that make all the clothes and toys in the malls. and whatever else...

planning? 21.Mar.2003 23:11


HOw do we want to plan this? sounds like a good idea (s) to me...:)

Some sort of sit in with information available? and a "puppet-show" to go with it, and people ticketing SUVS?

Well, no permit required, eh? Yay. heh. Need to set a time and get the word out, then figure out just what we are going to do!

lets do it. 22.Mar.2003 00:34

arm ceasetoexist@care2.com

Ive had a few run ins at malls where ive been with a group in a protest and it is true that they are very well guarded and i got busted once for just having a video camera in the mall(it seriously took like 5 minutes for them to track me down)..i also got thrown out for holding a skateboard..sheesh.
anyway, malls are private property and can arrest you on tresspassing however the entrances are a different matter...we could alway get a large enough group to cover all entrances/exits and hand out literature and dress up for the kids etc and just hit everyone going in or out. then maybe at the end just do a quick"run through" or dark "walk through". Im totally down for any of this so if this does go down email me!(im new to the area and dont know alot of people, so therefore planning this myself would be really hard).