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actions & protests | imperialism & war m20: day x

From KATU, pix of clash

If you were there, this is a great vantage...
From KATU, pix of clash
From KATU, pix of clash
Check it:
Why Block Public Transit. 21.Mar.2003 17:53

Public Rider

I understand the need to protest and spread the word agianst a war I don't support.. however; why shut down a major public transportation bridge (Steel Bridge)? Tri-Met Buses uses a system which releases less polution in the air than an SUV, and MAX uses no Gas at all.. Why punish the people who don't own cars and help do their part by keeping the enviroment cleaner? I choose to use Public Transportation, and wish more people would. Shutting down a Bridge with very little car traffic, and a large number of Trains and Buses is very sad, concidering these are the same people who use Tri-Met to and from these demonstrations. Why attack yourself?

Why? B/c tactical failure 21.Mar.2003 18:02


there was a massive tactical failure that day. Everything fell apart, there was no order, no guidance, no one directing, no one with clear direction, only serious emotions, the good will to stop the war, and opposition.

Needless to say I hope this is the last protest of this kind. No more mob mentality, no more walking in circles, no more unstrategic targets. Let us all work and set up a forum to develop new techniques to stop the war (i.e. hit targets we want and how we want them, rather than what we stumble upon).

Tactics rocked, Tri-met is fascist 21.Mar.2003 19:17


First, I agree that public transport is usually a good thing. However, did you notice the paddy wagons last night? Tri-met buses. Do you remember the JTTF hearings? Hundreds of people spoke against the JTTF, and only a very few spoke for it. So it's easy to remember who they were. One of them was Tri-met. Remember Jose Mejia Poot? Remember why he was gunned down in a mental hospital by Portland Police? Because he was a Latino man who couldn't speak English, trying to get on a tri-met bus without enough change. Tri-met is not our friend.

Second, I completely disagree that there was any tactical error last night.I was very impressed by the way people took bridge after bridge -- even the freeway!!! -- and then fell back and melted back into the scenery until they popped up again elsewhere. THIS is great tactics.

Last night was exactly what it should have been. People worked at the level they were comfortable with, they supported each other (radical AND liberal!!), and they effectively sent a very strong message that this war is not going to be something we just watch on tv. We are AGAINST this war. People are dying in Baghdad, and we are AGAINST it. Everyone should be in the streets shutting down every city. Fuck convenience. STOP THIS WAR.