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Angry Dead-Marine Father -

KGW News coverage - of the victims families.
Watching the news - (why, I don't know) - and a Father of a dead marine that was killed yesterday - held a picture of his son - and looked at the news camera and stated to Bush: "get a good look at him Bush - look at him, he is dead and he was my only son, thanks" - then he cried.
Source? 21.Mar.2003 17:34



Nevermind 21.Mar.2003 17:47


sorry for his loss, but.. 21.Mar.2003 20:22


its too bad, but choppers crash all the time. the chopper was 30 years old, had Clit-Toon spend a little more on the military while he was the pResident, instead of worrying about getting his boogie board waxed by monica, then maybe they wouldn't have crashed.

now congress is talking about spending more to cut more social programs in order to pay for better equipment, so things like this won't happen again,

and its people like you voicing your concerns about aging military equipment that are helping them do it.

we thank you..

It is a volunteer army 21.Mar.2003 20:35


...and anyone that volunteers to go kill people without asking why, well, i will celebrate long before i will mourn such a thing.

its a volunteer idiot! 21.Mar.2003 20:57


...and anyone that volunteers to go kill themselves without asking why, well, i will celebrate long before i will mourn such a thing.
its a volunteer idiot!
its a volunteer idiot!

huh? 21.Mar.2003 21:15


I was ready to wipe my ass with this guys photo?? Not sure who that was directed too?

I know people volunteer for the services - most do it for the college money - or out of ignorance - but I seriously doubt if many actually invision being sent to war. And that really has nothing to do with a father grieving for his son - and thanking Bush for his death.

This pretty much sums it up - 21.Mar.2003 21:21


This pretty much sums it up -
This pretty much sums it up -

Come on saf! 21.Mar.2003 22:13


So Clinton is at fault for this boys death. I know what you are trying to say but I haven't seen a reach like that in a long time. Sure Clinton did not have a large military budget, instead he balanced the budget, which is something presidents with large milatary budgets don't tend to do. Bush sr. couldn't do it and Reagan didn't even come close. This country cannot continue to run large budget deficits. I am sure this country has many new, and very expensive, choppers. In the end Clinton chose to balance the budget rather than have his x'th chopper be a brand new hi-tech expensive chopper, and I don't think that is such a bad idea.

Turn from your selfish distain 21.Mar.2003 22:52

Lazy Faire

There was no reason for this soldier to die.
There was no reason for the first child to die in the bombardment of Baghdad.
There is no reason for this war.
As long as you close your eyes to the suffering of your neighbor, as long as you cling to these obsolete nations and these obsolete fears, you will only aid in the perpetuation of this madness.
There is only one country. There is only one people. All your weapons, all your gold and oil, all your flags, all your foolish nations, all your divisive institutions are not worth a single human life.
Maybe you should remember that you are better than the charlatans who are presenting this little drama of blood and and hate. Maybe you should remember that it is the poor and those who suffer who must be honored. Maybe you should ask, where are we going; what is our task?

you have to be pretty stupid to think that! 22.Mar.2003 03:34


I realize you idiots think that everyone in the military joined because its some sort of government jobs program, because that is how you earn a living if earn isn't too strong a word.

anybody joining the military maybe doing it to go to college but they couldn't pass IQ test #1 if they didn't think they could be involved in war sometime within their 8 year commitment.