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Hemp for Victory

Oil is a limited, non-renewable resource for which wars have been waged for the last half century. A global hemp industry could reduce demand for oil, and reduce the chances of further wars.
Industrial hemp could completely eliminate the need for petroleum products all together.

Hemp can be used to make fuels, plastics, textiles, paper, soaps, lotions, nutritional supplements, medicines, and dozens of other products. Hemp is a renewable resource, which means that there would never be a reason to fight a war for it because anyone can grow it and it never runs out. It is also environmentally friendly.

The reason that hemp is illegal is precisely because it is a renewable resource. It can not be exploited by capitalism because anyone can grow it. Keeping hemp illegal benefits a few powerful global corporations by eliminating their natural competition, thus allowing them to create huge corporate petroleum empires. Forceably replacing the current Iraqi regime with a "new government" also benefits those same corporations.

Now is the time for the global hemp industry to push for production of hemp-powered automobiles. The world's first hemp car ( http://www.hempcar.org ) was driven across Canada in a Mercedes Benz. Auto manufacturers may be ready to embrace hemp as a long-term sustainable fuel source for the engines they put in their vehicles. Converting to hemp on a global scale would have economic, social, and environmental benefits.
WELL SAID 21.Mar.2003 17:01


i completely agree with you.
i pray for this world to become that harmonous.........
everyone could live at peace.

funny 21.Mar.2003 17:10


so... has anyone noticed the TIME on this post. correlate that with the delay in posting...

sometimes i feel like we waste energy with this Hemp for sustainability cause. It does wonders for the individual cause of hemp but may have a negative effect on the cause of sustainability.

anybody feeling that from time to time... at around 4:20?