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Turkey invades Northern Iraq

Defying the united States, Turkey invades Northern Iraq to go after the Kurds. Unbelievable...
Turkey to send troops to Iraq

Turkey has said it will send troops into northern Iraq, despite opposition from the US.

The BBC correspondent in Turkey says there are reports that Turkish troops will cross the border within a few hours.

Turkey already has several thousand troops a small distance into Iraq, but Iraqi Kurds oppose their presence, saying they threaten Iraq's territorial integrity.

Turkey wants to prevent the Kurds from forming a separate state.

US Secretary of State Colin Powell had said: "At the moment we do not see any need for any Turkish incursions into northern Iraq."

Amazing. Will the U.S. go to war with Turkey? I have been watching the BBC and there is talk about Turkey 'annexing' Northern Iraq. Takes nerve for Turkey to do this in the face of the American Military. Unbelievable development. You do have to feel sorry for the Kurds.

I guess this answers the question I asked a few days ago. Who is going to crush the Kurds of Iraq?
at this time 21.Mar.2003 15:57


when a politician says "at this time" it can be directly related to an upcoming reversal on the issue.

turkey and the united states likely have a secret deal with the Kurds as payoff. We supported Saddam's gassing of Kurds in the 80's. We don't trust them and they rightly dont trust Bush.

watch this one play out.

Silly children... 21.Mar.2003 16:07

m. lafarge

Of course the Kurds will be screwed again; they are an ethnic people who have been punished forever. And natch the US government wants them dead. Just like all the other autonomous people of the world. Cry for them.

you could be right 21.Mar.2003 16:10


just as long as turkey stays away from those northern oil wells, it would take that troublesome kurd problem off the hands of the americans...but it does make them look like an ass, you know, getting an apparent slap in the face from Turkey, and it does defeat the fear and terror factor that Washington would be looking to have the next time they go after some diddly squat country

anniversary 21.Mar.2003 16:13


The Kurds are also marking the 15th anniversay of the that time they got gassed. At the same time some Kurds are also remembering how the Americans backed Saddam, armed him with that poison gas, and blocked condemnation by the United Nations, and are thus 'wary of American motives' which shows that they aren't exactly stupid those people.

more 21.Mar.2003 16:57



Diyarbakir, Turkey :: Jonny Dymond :: 2015GMT

A military source told me that Turkey is preparing to put its troops into northern Iraq.

The risks of a clash with the Kurdish military - Peshmergas - is very high indeed. The Kurdish administration which runs northern Iraq has vowed to resist Turkish troops.

The US will now need to referee between the two groups which hold very little regard for each other.

This is a high risk of a clash and of a regional sub-war which would be incredibly messy and very difficult to clear up.

worst case scenario 21.Mar.2003 18:02


If what has happened before can lend insight into what will happen, then it is likely that the United States will turn a blind eye toward a slaughter (read genocide) of the Kurds at the hands of the Turks. The way Georgie boy is handling things, the only thing he cares about is making another buck. The Kurds can't do anything for him; the Turks can take the Kurds, an unpredictable variable, out of the equation. The whole slaughter will be drowned out by the shock and awe at the South, and in a few months, if we are all still here, we'll see pictures of proud Turkish soldiers posing with decapitated Kurdish heads. The Kurds, however, are expecting this; that they have picked-up and headed for the mountains en masse suggests this. They'll wage guerilla war from the mountains, but the large number of Blackhawk helicopters that the US has sold the Turks will inflict heavy casualties on the Kurds. It will be a big mess. Other countries in the region might be pulled in. The region will be destabilized beyond control, and, well, you know the rest...

I have an impulse to tell you guys out in Oregon something. I'm writing from New York. I lived in Humbolt County for a while, back when they had CAMP. Anybody remember CAMP? In New York, the authorities have been making us feel "secure" by putting the cops and soldiers with machine guns everywhere; apparently, they want to impose order, even though everything with the demonstrators is in order and the cops' order is not required. Every time we try to protest, they put us in these fucking pens to humiliate us and make us feel like farm animals, and all we are trying to do is stop people from being killed for money. Why am I writing this? I don't know. I'm venting. I used to drive up to Oregon once in while when I lived there, drive through the Redwoods. I guess I wish I was there, and it encourages me that you are there taking care of one of the most beautiful, peaceful, rejuvinating places on Earth; a place this illegitimate pig of a president has not yet managed to ruin. Keep fighting. I'm pulling for you. Pull for us, too.

Went off on a tangent again,

fuck you, you self rightious assholes! 21.Mar.2003 20:33


where was all of this worry about the kurds 48 hours ago?

you would have shoved them all in a nazi shower and turned on the gas, if it meant no war.

you people make me want to vomit.

a suggestion 21.Mar.2003 23:03


to df:

48 hours ago the bombing of Iraq started. 48 hours from now, it will be the bombing of Iran. 48 from the bombing of Iran, it will be the bombing of N. Korea.

So if you are going to start vomiting now, I have a suggestion for you.

Stick your head up your ass--way up your ass--until you reach your small intestine. In this position, you can keep vomiting forever.

Only in this position will you have any hope of sustaining the amount of vomiting required by your moral superiority.