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Sick of the some anarchist kids behavior.

My diatibe....
Somebody needs to say it. Last night, I found myself getting pissed off at the behavior of some of the gutter punks and anarchists. The three fights I saw all stemmed from arrogant and disrepectful behavior from this crowd. They divert the attention from a political message (peace, impeachment, anti-imperialism) to fear message (conflicts, vandalism, stupidity). I for one am going to be much louder about appropiate behavior at demonstrations.

The media, any media does not deserve to be spat on and pushed. You want to chant them down then fine but DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!!! No wonder they have security guards following them. This is idiotic behavior. Get your message out with out looking like a violent asshole more akin to a drunk frat boy or a spoiled brat then a anti-war demonstrator.

The razor blade thing is fucked up. Who ever did that should be beatten. I heard that acid was thrown on a cop, again this person is a danger to himself and others and we need to handle this internally. Find these people and berate them for being an anti-social son of a bitch and call the cops on them. Behavior like this (and the three fights I saw) are dangerous and hurtful.

In the future I urge all sane protesters to SPEAK UP. Do not these sociopathic assholes do dangerous things. SPEAK UP>
student protest on 3/20 21.Mar.2003 16:01

peaceful student protestor

i would like to take the attention away from the protest that ended with arrests last night, which has received the most media coverage, not only on newschannels, but at this site as well. my friend and i joined a peaceful student protest yesterday (3/20) at 3pm. this was well organized, had police escorts on bicycles (a portlander's favorite way to travel!), and seemed generally well received by the public. where is the coverage on this? i would venture to say that several hundred, if not one thousand people, joined this march.
i would like to congratulate the organizers of this protest for a job well done! (was this students for unity, a psu student group? i saw a banner of their's, seemingly leading the way.) it was an amazing, powerful, spiritual protest that brought almost nothing but goodwill and wonderful reception from the public. THANK YOU!!!

to all of the protestors out there: i bring one final message. EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE. not only others, but yourself as well. chalk the streets. put up signs. put pamphlets on SUVs, explaining to people their detrimental effects. and strive to make an open environment. don't just block out the opinions of others, they are valid, too. THROUGH CONTROVERSY COMES GROWTH. controversy that does not isolate one group from the other, but brings them together. please, focus on the good rather than the bad. and work from there.
after all, one good thing did happen the other day. the congress voted down drilling in the artic refuge! let us remember that as we continue our struggle towards peace.

don't touch corporate media 21.Mar.2003 16:08

nonviolent activist

i agree that dissenters to corporate media lies should not touch the reporters or their equipment. i personally never ever ever do. i chant, i block, i yell, but i won't touch them. <b>however</b> they do touch us! i got pushed and grabbed and hit by corporate media people three different times last night. and got the same treament from as many activists who believe the corporate media should be allowed to film and then lie about what they saw. i will never physically assault corporate media and i discourage anyone from doing so. but if you express your views against them, be prepared to get hurt yourself.

Agree to disagree 21.Mar.2003 16:08

mtvkillsbunnies dicknity@balls.com

Ok first off, I heard the acid thing as well but it was on a corporate media news channel (doesn't matter which one, they're all the same) and there really isn't any witnesses and so far no reliable source for that. I find it incredibly unbelieveable. Don't believe everything you hear or see on TV, ESPEICALLY on TV.

And with the "fuck corporate media" slogan, the spitting and whatnot, I agree with you mildly there. The chanting and the blocking of the lenses I support only because most people including myself that want to express their deep hatred for the media in such a heated atmosphere, choose the easiest options possible. Nobody except a rare few will actually confront a news reporter and have a long philosiphical debate over their methods of news coverage, when their methods are to edit out what the public doesn't want to hear. Why would they put us being intelligent and proving them wrong on tv? They know it would only create bad publicity, and they couldn't stand to lose to a punk-ass protester. That's why we scream profanity and block the lenses, we just want them to back off and dissolve into the concrete.

The vandalism I also support and I could care less if it makes us "look bad" or not. It's what's written or stenciled in spraypaint that matters. It's the corporations that support the government, that support our president, that brainwash and fund all that is evil in this world that is the pure root of all that we fight for. You can agree with me or not and I'll respect that, but breaking a Mcdonalds window is a very small victory for killing the root of this war.

And last but not least: I'm so fucking sick of people grouping others into these god damn categories of anarchist, gutter punk, and liberal. We're all fighting for the same cause, why can't we just be layed back and let those who choose one method of getting their point across over another, to do as they please, and just give each other respect?

cops harrassed 21.Mar.2003 16:11


i agree with earlier comments uring everyone to BACK OFF OF THE COPS AT PROTESTS! many of them are anti-war, and would love to be protesting themselves. they are just trying to do their jobs, and keep the peace. there is no need to make a bad name for protestors and harrass them. that is totally uncalled for.

where's that apostrophe? 21.Mar.2003 16:29

your english teacher

If it is the behavior of the anarchist kids, it's their behavior and therefore possessive. You need to use an apostrophe with possession.

reply regarding corporate media 21.Mar.2003 16:44


I will continue to stand in front of corporate media cameras. That is enough. There is no need to do anything directly to them, and if any of them do show an interest to actually discuss why I am doing it, I will inform them why.

As far as I am concerned, camera people are not in danger and I do not hate the person holding the camera. However, I will continue to stand in front of them as the moment dictates.

There is no inherent right for these people to tape and use that tape for such false ends, such manipulative propaganda. They may legally have the right to stand there and turn the camera on, but people also have the legitimate and legal right to hold signs or hands up to block their taping.

The corporate media hired thugs to guard them, and I was repeatedly assaulted by them. However, I maintain my position, and do not get caught up in their violent tendency.

As soon as there is a challenge, a peaceful challenge I would add, to their assumed right to tape anything and use it for their own ends, they resort to violence. This displays the character.

What is your point? 21.Mar.2003 16:45

Dabaddi Brother dabaddi@aintday.com

Do you people engage in violence and vandalism just to show your solidarity with your fellow marxist brothers and sisters? Or do you engage in violence and vandalism in hopes of convincing the 70 percent of Americans who support President Bush in his attack on Iraq?

And where will you draw the line when people get fed up with your masturbatory efforts on the streets? How far are you willing to go with your protests? How much vandalism and violence?

books and covers 21.Mar.2003 17:02

peaceful anarcho

i'm getting sick of people judging someone's politics by their clothing. first of all don't assume that the people who fucked shit up are'anarchist' and don't assume every anarchist wears black clothing and wears black. not all of us wear the circle A uniform. some anarchists are pacifists. actually pacifism used to be quite strong in the anarchist movt. anarcism isn't about vandalism and throwing acid on cops. its about having a serious vison of re-structuring the world and challenging all forms of oppression and domination.

I agree and then some 21.Mar.2003 17:05


There is NO place for violence at a friggin' Peace Rally.
I respect what you radicals believe in but... settle the F down.
All you are doing is shooting yourselves and the rest of us in the foot.
You base your radical tactics by saying that marching will not help anything, right? Well, what will acting like complete jerks prove.
We all hate Bush, the BS war, and everything that led up to it. However; YOU are TURNING AWAY a lot of people that you want to recruit.


anarchy is not violent 21.Mar.2003 17:40

jane doe

First, regarding the corporate media, I happen to be rather thankful that they care enough to document. I do feel that the people higher up on the corporate ladder tend to twist the footage as in last night on KGW they interviewed two people sitting on the ground on burnside and said \"is your intent to get arrested?" they replied no of course not and later on the evening the reporter said "well it looks like those poeple are going to get their wish of being arrested". He just happened to be a horrible reporter constantly standing in front of the camera at the wrong time so maybe I am just taking the worst instances to prove my point.

Regarding vandalism, I admit I do like to paint the city, but I feel that it is my city and my art is worthy of being displayed. Many times I got in arguements about how I was destroying the beautiful city of portland and I made the point that isnt pepper spraying your children destruction and marching across bridges is considered to be quite destructive to traffic. I also made the point that has anyone ever looked at the Sistine Chapel and screamed "OH MY GOD WHO VANDALIZED THE CEILING?!" Would that mean that the only art is permitted art where the artist is paid mass amounts of money? With that mind-set then our protests which are unpermitted are completely disgusting...art is an expression, as is a march.

Provoked by drunx and Patriots 21.Mar.2003 17:45

Get Real

The fights that you assume were started by "anarchists" last night were not initiated by "anarchists"

I saw three confrontations between people on the streets. All three times, Anti-peace white assholes and drunks from the bars approached people in black or with masks or those burning flags and jumped directly on them or got in their faces and posed direct threats to those individuals.

These brainwashed zealots were so aggro that they incited violence upon people who weren't pacifist, and were willing to defend themselves from physical violence on behalf of the Patriot fanatics and drunks.

Next time you want to make those suppositions, take better note of what was really going on.

Vandalism is always appropriate when targeted at the right places and times.

I did see that Central City Concern was hit which I disagree with as it provides resources and assistance to the poor. Whoever did that has no real or valid analysis of the fact that this is Class WAR!!!! Bush and Sadaam go to war at the expense of the Working Class and Poor in both countries! Niether give a shit about the people they rule with such iron fists. America allows speech, but not much more. Such freedom and rights didn't seem to exist last night when people were met with gas and clubs! If soldiers are fighting to defend that, then I feel sorry for them. I support troops. Their average age is twenty one! Complain about young punk kids disrupting traffic but not about young punk kids following the orders of a gangster and attacking cities full of innocent people?!!! Those are my peers fucker and I want them home with friends and families and education and life, not being bossed and bullied and controlled into shooting on command!

Do a little fucking homework before you go throwing ANarchist around at people who do shit. And recognize that those with any privlege must be willing to put it on the line for their beliefs. And those unwilling to recognize that must be subject to perpetual "inconvenience" until they understand the nature of privlege in this racist, fascist, sexist, classist world!

We're willing to fight to keep our folks alive. You send them to fight so that other folks will die. Who's more fucked up?

just what does an anarchist look like? 21.Mar.2003 17:47


How is it that you are so sure that the people who participated in the acts you described were anarchist?

I am an anarchist and am tired of being a scapegoat when things go wrong. Not all anarchists use these tactics and not all anarchist wear all black.

violence in the name of peace 21.Mar.2003 18:01


violence in the name of peace... sounds like a familiar argument...

all you violent assholes who are dominating the television coverage are creating enemies of the peace movement. I was out last night, but with the idiotic flag burning and the big self-righteous party on Burnside, it seems that to be counted with your numbers is to defame the name of peaceful protest.

and there was acid thrown by someone. for all the holier-than-thou ranting against the violent police state, people on the fence are going to consider that maybe big brother ashcroft might not be so bad if these punk revolutionaries are the up and comers.

black bloc radicals: it's not about YOU and YOUR bratty angst and anger... it's about the thousands / millions around the world who are crushed under the boot of the global corporate elite and its political servants piloting warmachines... you empower the jackboots, your spectacle is the foundation of the platform from which they monger fear.

educate, don't alienate or intimidate. without changing minds you change nothing, and when you create adversary from potential allies, you lose. all y'all can pat yourselves on the back as much as you want, but I think last night was self-defeating given the barbarism that was conveyed to the couch at home.