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imperialism & war

pro-troop / anti-war rally

we need to market the anti-war rallies as the true pro-troop / anti-war rally because we want to see our troops come home alive.

plus we need to start passing out 'n' stickers to replace the 'q' on the "attack iraq? no" bumper stickers.
Forget the pro-troop rallies. 21.Mar.2003 14:58


Would you have joined a German rally to support the Nazi troops?

Another way of looking at it 21.Mar.2003 18:28

Ed Harley

In my mind, every anti-war rally is objectively pro-troops, since not having war necessitates not having troops killed. I do, however, agree with the sentiments above - that no one should blindly support the actions of soldiers simply because they are following orders, or are pawns and dupes themselves.