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Did anybody else get a razor cut at the rally yesterday?

Did anybody else get a razor cut at the rally yesterday?
I didn't notice it at first, but my arm kept bothering me when I would move it. Then I finally noticed my jacket had a gash in it. When I took the jacket off, my arm and shirt were bleeding. I had been cut sometime earlier with a razor by some nazi walking thru the crowd.

I also found one other person that had been cut too ,but he said they bumped into her and kept walking the opposite direction. She felt it immediately, but by the time she realized what had happened, she didn't see the person anymore.

I hope the razor wasn't infected with HIV or something.
HIV? 21.Mar.2003 14:48


I doubt if it was infected, but if they cut enough people, they were bound to cut an HIV postive person, then if you were the next one cut, you could have been infected.

This behavior makes me sick.

Hmmmmmmmmmm 21.Mar.2003 15:10


I heard a rumor a few years ago that someone was jabbing people in Vancouver BC clubs with HIV tainted needles...but it was just that a rumor.

So as I see it, there are two possibilities:

1. The post is true. Brad got cut by some facist, amerikan nut who is very disturbed.


2. The post is fake. Designed to spread fear in an attempt to ruduce the numbers at protests.

Im assuming the "he" in the 2nd paragraph is a typo?

My jacket was cut by something. 21.Mar.2003 15:30


my jacket was cut by something, but I'm fine. its a very clean cut about an inch 1/2 long, on the left side.

I don't remember anyone bumping into me yesterday, but i know its a brand new cut, because I just bought it a week ago.

fake posting? 21.Mar.2003 15:30

felix luke

don't know if its a fake post, but how many right-wingnuts are going to read this and give it a try?

I saw them, there were two of them. 21.Mar.2003 20:26

gus wellington jr.

i think i saw them, everyone else was moving in one direction and two guys with faces covered where walking very fast in the opposit direction bumping into almost everyone. most people didn't even pay any attention to them, and neither did i.

i don't remember anybody talking about being cut though.