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civil disobedience training and emergency spokes council meeting Saturday March 22nd.
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TRAINING at Augustana Lutheran Church--NE 15th and Knott--12-4pm Learn how its done, the tools you will need, and have any legal safety questions answered.

EMERGENCY SPOKES COUNCIL MEETING 2 PM Smith Memorial Union, third floor ballroom at PSU downtown. Organize in affinity groups and show up with a designated spokes person.

Both of these events will be coordinated into a future action in coming weeks.

Thousands of people are dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Phillipines, and Columbia.

Some things are more important than our privilage of business as usual.

Thousands more on the streets!Keep the pressure up!
I'll be there 21.Mar.2003 18:15


I will be there. I just saw the pictures of Baghdad on fire. And I saw the african american man who was told that his son was among the casualties over there. He was crying, holding a sobbing woman against his chest. He had a picture in his hand, and he said, though tears, "I was bush to get a good look at this. I want him to get a good look. This was my only son."

I've cried a river of tears today, and I don't know what else to do.

I was out at the protest last night, and watched a squad of armed goons attack high school kids who were peacefully sitting in the street. This morning, I heard Mayor Katz telling the media that they had done a good job.

Perhaps for the first time, I really realize what it means to live in a police state. I have been under the illusion that we are free here in America. Last night, I saw that this is not so. We live in a bloodthirsty regime that kills abroad, with its own highly armed republican guard here at home to keep people down on the domestic front.

I did not engage in any radical action last night, but I will be at the trainings tomorrow to learn how to do more. I heard about them at the rally yesterday, when someone gave me a flyer. I will be there.