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Net-Strike CNN.COM!

Load the following webpage and leave it up, that's all you need to do to help crash cnn.com - Quick! Spread the word!

Please distribute to all IMC's

This is the e-protest page against the war in Iraq. It floods slowly the CNN.com homepage. Every 10 seconds CNN.com gets reloaded automatically as long as you don't close this window. The more people do this the faster cnn.com is down.

I've chosen CNN because they refuse to let people speak out freely. They brainwash every visitor with pro-war tags and slogans. And they pretend war is the only solution to get rid of Saddam.

NOTE: you can leave that page in the background (minimized) and continue surfing

homepage: homepage: http://nowar.julez-edward.be/

GRAPHIC 21.Mar.2003 14:23


great work!

ph33r the uberhax0rz!!!!11111111 21.Mar.2003 14:48


beware the peacenik 10 second page-reload DDOS attack!

I'm sorry to be a realist but your attack is going to be as effective at crashing cnn.com as sitting in the street is at stopping the war.
You guys can't seem to get anything right, 10 second reload?! I'm sure the CNN.COM IT staff is shivering in their "bigoted anti-peace crowd" boots.

Since most of you guys are students I find it ironic that this is the best you can come up with. Go back to compiling perl scripts to gain that extra performance boost.

gee ! 21.Mar.2003 15:09


does every IMC get their own freeper?

my experience is freepers only chime-in when they're worried

post this notice to every IMC

we'll see if a few thousand of us can't bring them down

CNN and the FBI have been notified! 21.Mar.2003 15:16

informant the great

FBI and CNN have been informed, so if you want to be a sex toy in the state prison, give this tactic a try...

no prob 21.Mar.2003 16:03


There s/b nothing illegal with loading CNN's page every 10 seconds. That what a friggin web page is for t/b loaded. Especially for a 'news' site it it nice to have it reload every 10 seconds, that way one gets updates. I doubt if CNN will even notice a problem. Use the site as a way to keep your modem active for those that need to. CNN will not likely even care.