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if you were hit by a vehicle during critical mass - do not call the police!
My friend was hit during the critical mass - his bicycle was run over by an enraged pro-war zealot, so naturally he reported it to the police. A few minutes ago, they just came to his house and arrested him for it! Even if you are a victim, don't trust the pigs - they work for the state!
well. 21.Mar.2003 14:10

Brian criticalmasser@riseup.net

I went into to the SE precinct and filed a report. They were responsive to me and didnt ask me about involvement in yesterdays action. I didnt say "I rode with critical mass and was hit by an agry motorist." I just explained that I was hit and my bike was damaged. Here is the info. I filed it as vehicular assalt and attempted vehicular manslaiughter. Peace.LOve.

agh! 21.Mar.2003 15:24


fuck that! man i saw that happen and it was the driver of that fucking jacked up truck that should be going to jail!

good vs. ev il 21.Mar.2003 16:12


My roommate was also hit and run over by a motorist during critical mass. It occured in front of the police as the motorist sped off. The police proceeded to give him a $75 ticket for Obstructing Traffic. The bike WAS nice as well. He has the license number, but if anyone has footage on video, please post contact info.


Witnesses, contact me *please* 21.Mar.2003 17:51

Katy vigilante@artifex.org

That was my little brother...
He's still in jail, but he has been cited and given a court date. If you saw this happen, or took a picture, please call me or write asap.

Thank you much, and love to you. Ride safely, dammit, but also remember we get use of one full lane. Fuck the roadhogs.