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dialogue needed on new tactics

We need to think together about what is most effective in shutting down Portland, if that is our desired action.
I have some ideas for more effectively shutting down Portland, but I also want to call a brainstorming session. We need some dialogue on this!

my ideas:
More affinity groups, spread out across the city. Don't argue with the Police, leave immediately on to the next intersection you choose to block. The idea is to keep the Police running around. Some groups will in the end succeed in stopping things long enough.

large objects that are difficult to move could be used as barriers. just leave them, no people needed. old cars, cement blocks...

take the opportunity to adbust while the cops are out chasing other groups around. but remember, there are cameras everywhere.

Also, I agree with some of the people that have posted their advice to not give the media anything negative. Turning over motorcycles and burning flags, while cathartic, is in the end counter-productive. And wearing aggresive clothing only attracts the attention of the police to you. I'm not saying that one should give up their style for the protest, just be smart!
Some Ideas 21.Mar.2003 14:08


Keep to the streets in mass numbers. Fill the jails. Most importantly, spend as little as possible and do not contribute anything to the big corporations. If you have an AOL account, cancel it. Don't buy Coke or Pepsi, or any fast food from chains. DO NOT try to provoke the cops. They are actually on our side, but do not know it. Blocking traffic for long periods of time will ultimately just irritate people more. Pass through and they will have to stop momentarily, but don't hold them up. Most of them, as seen last night, are on our side. Break off into smaller clusters as well.

Hey Saddam's Widow 21.Mar.2003 14:09


Do you even remember when you sold out?

agreed 21.Mar.2003 14:11


Agreed - affinity groups are good. We need to get lots of people to go to the C.D. training this saturday. At this point, we don't really care what the masses think - the point is to cause corporate america to suffer for the war they sponsored. (In Portland, this especially includes Portland Business Alliance members who stopped the city from passing the anti-war resolution.) Because the main point is to cause corporate pains, we should work harder at stopping people from going to work than getting home from it.

A few other things there are to try, but don't talk about them here on Indymedia, instead go to the C.D training this saturday and talk with trusted friends.

Don't get Arrested, but do something 21.Mar.2003 14:14

tom thumb paine

The people united CAN be defeated, if they are united in a hierarchy. Simply control the top of the pyramid.

The most effective actions from the past few days have come by surprise, for example school kids who shut down many parts of England, including the streets around the House of Commons.

Be mobile. Disrupt and disperse. There is no use in getting arrested unless it is part of a planned action. The creativity of the individual is much more powerful than the group mind. Small groups, in solidarity, are much more a problem for the elite.

Remember the goal: raise the costs to the elites until they think the price is too high for them to pay. They despise disorder more than anything, because they cannot control disorder. That's why they are happy with permits.
Happy when you tell them your plans.

Reverse propaganda has as much effect on elites as their propaganda has on the masses (us). Reverse propaganda means convincing the elites that the social levers they hold in their hands are not controlling the society. Make them THINK that they are losing control, through images, symbolic acts, using the media against itself.

Two men in Australia successfully pulled off a major media coup by painting 'No War' in bright red on the most famous building in Australia. The TV stations had to show it.

While the cops are busy chasing one group, another group can easily adbust a billboard.

Remember, they are stronger only in certain situations. With your friends brainstorm and come up with situations when we are stronger.

The people, acting independently with shared goals, cannot be defeated.

Fat cats quit complaining! 21.Mar.2003 14:23


We don't give a fuck about your worthless property or your useless opinions of us! We use property destruction because for some reason it's so important to you and your destructive/exploitive behavior. We, the poor(the REAL MAJORITY), don't need your help to liberate ourselves! We're going to pull the thrown out from under your fat, glutenous asses! You fat cats have never helped us(without a high price) and never will! We have our own media, we do not need them! It's like our chant proclaimed yesterday,

tactics start with tactical secrecy 21.Mar.2003 14:26


discussing tactics in this forum is dangerous... possibly to the degree of stupidity.

after the M20 actions they will be changing their own tactics. In secret.

Anyone who has tapes of corpie media coverage from M20 should make copies and get them to people who might know what to do with them. Tape future coverage if there is any.

Their tactics will change, but certain things will remain the same. Especially what they consider to have "worked".

Keep notes on ideas for tactical change and discuss them in the streets. Publishing them here announces what you're thinking to the gestapo.

Tactics ... 21.Mar.2003 14:55

David B.

At this point, we don't really care what the masses think
I don't honestly know what the masses (of Americans) think; I think the papers are pubishing deliberately misleading polls (or asking polls with loaded questions to force the answer the way they want). Given that yesterday, despite the best efforts of right-wing talk radio, the numbers of attendees I continually hear of at pro-war rallies typically number in the mere dozens, I seriously doubt the American public is squarely in favor of this war. Heck, in Washington State, the only pro-war rally of mention was in the Fort Lewis/Camp Murray area (two huge military bases, conservative military town), and even that had mere dozens! I think the American people are mostly confused and frightened.
- the point is to cause corporate america to suffer for the war they sponsored. (In Portland, this especially includes Portland Business Alliance members who stopped the city from passing the anti-war resolution.)
Realize that like it or not, American capitalism is what puts food on the table in this country. (Yes, it also runs this horrid war machine.) Striking at it means more poverty. That's not to say that this shouldn't be done -- I believe it should, just like the world struck at South African capitalism when it was upholding apartheid. But make no mistake, the sanctions did hurt the standard of living in South Africa, especially for the Blacks. This points to the need for outreach and poverty-relief programs run by the antiwar movement.
Because the main point is to cause corporate pains, we should work harder at stopping people from going to work than getting home from it.
That's one way of causing corporate pain. There's others, (which I'd rather not discuss here), and modifications to the disrupt-workday-life strategy I'd like to explore (ditto).

Portland, OR

Aggressive Clothing? 21.Mar.2003 15:06


What makes clothing "aggressive"? Is it when it is adorned with pepperspray, plastic handcuffs, and canisters?

stop it!! 21.Mar.2003 19:57


why are you guys organizing on the internet?!? Why are you giving the enemy a heads up? Why don't you just e-mail them directly with your battle plan?? sheesh!!

organising in this fashion is okay 23.Mar.2003 00:35


I think the idea of having affinity groups is not new to the police, and if they know there are going to be many small groups all around the city it won't help them any. We're not saying where we'll go, what exactly we'll do...

Keep the specifics secret, but the overall plan has to be public if you want a significant number to participate.