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If you have a few minutes...

Childish, but fun!
A small (but fun!) aspect of my resistance to the mis-led right media is calling up A.M. radio and getting past the producer/screener by feigning total ignorance and wanting to make "a few comments". It's the ignorance part that succeeds everytime.

And if you act a little confused (as opposed to being militant)about some bit of resistance information you "recently" found out, it breaks the ice and allows you to freely bring to light the truth on mainstream radio.

And near the end of the coversation I like to shout "IMPEACH BUSH!" (insert your own political ideology).

Redistribute Power to the People Through Respect from our Leaders!

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dumpy 21.Mar.2003 14:07


i hate to ruin your fun... cuz its a great idea on the surface!

however, corpie media runs a (minimum) 3 second delay/dump system. Unless the guy on the dump button is asleep... which is possible, but improbable with the Homeland Gestapo Department vibe out there and the high state of alert the corpie media is in.

if you are going to attempt this tactic, make sure you're recording it. if you don't hear your statement in the recording, move on to a lower budget radio station.

how about mass occupation of a radio station? now is the time.