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m20: day x

report from justice center

Another group of people have been released from the justice center.

One of the persons released was charged with rioting. That allegedly took place on the steel bridge. He had been beaten by the police and has head injuries. Apparently, he is the only person charged with rioting, and he is also a brown skinned person. With the beating and riot charge one wonders if this is an example of racism?

The person reported that there are still some people in jail, including one transexual who has been reportedly treated badly and is in solitary. Also there is another man in jail who has a beaten up face.

Most everyone will likely be out of jail in the next few hours.
worried 21.Mar.2003 13:37


Is there any way that the war mongers can use teh information we gave when at the justice center like where I live and give it out? Cops will probably give it to the jocks.

solidarity 21.Mar.2003 14:07


what happend? why didn't people who got arrestd stick to solidarity? did they give their real names out? did they get booked and fingerprinted?
if you get arrested i thought the plan was to NOT give THEM any info.........real info.