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jail support needed!!!

Jail support is needed

There are people still in jail down at the justice center. Reports indicate about 20 people still in. Many are john and jane does's and a couple people are in isolation.

7 people were arrested this morning around 7am for blocking a bridge.

If anyone can go down to the justice center and assist people coming out, offer food, rides to pick up belongings at other locations etc that would be great.

There has been 1 person at the justice center since 1am (12 hours) without much support.

Also, people coming out of jail are encouraged to call the legal support number to report on what happened to them. Numerous people are still unaccounted for. Call the legal support #503-236-7916

Some of the people coming out of jail have been up all night, have not had much food, have been hurt, pepper sprayed etc.
Still? 21.Mar.2003 15:19


Are there still people being held that need rides, etc?

Just finished up 21.Mar.2003 20:25


As of about 8:00 tonight, all the protesters from yesterday and this morning seem to be out.

PoPo did, of course, pick up a bunch more this evening....