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Jailed Protesters

Many protesters who were arrested last night need your support *right now.*
After being arrested around 2 in the morning on the burnside and 2nd intersection, I was released today at 11:30pm, but that is just my story. Many have stayed longer, such as the critical mass members who also took a beating, and many more are upset and worn out by their arrest. I've been talking to them all night, and one thing is clear: your help is needed! Our friends are still in various jails around the city, and they need rides home as well as rides back to the various precincts tht hold their posessions. If you are in the Woodstock area, meet at Reed College's "Eliot Circle" at one oclock tomorrow, saturday, for a carpool to get your stuff back. Currently, there are two hardy activists shuttling people home at the precinct across from the courthouse plaza. They need relief. More than just giving folks rides and tangerines, they are protecting those just released from corporate media. Talk to Legal Aid, find out where we are being held, and go give support to our friends still under lock and key!
More information, please 21.Mar.2003 15:02


Does anyone know more about this? I just called Multnomah County Legal Aid, and they don't know where folks are being held. I'm assuming (if people are still in custody) that they're at (1) The Justice Center; (2) The Courthouse Jail, and/or (3) Inverness, out toward Gresham.

Are rides, etc. still needed? Will they still be needed at 6:00 or so?

ooookay 21.Mar.2003 15:03


You guys are parasites!

Correction 21.Mar.2003 15:34


I just got off the phone with the SW precinct. Due to budget cuts, they are now closed on the weekend. Better go down and snag your stuff (bring ID) before four. Please pardon the error.

Tulips 21.Mar.2003 15:59

Lyme disease

Obviously, since we really seem to be getting under your skin.

Protest pictures 21.Mar.2003 16:56


I got some great shoots yesterday. Please let me know what you think.


When You're a Jet 21.Mar.2003 17:36

Carol Anne Hebert

sabrina,corey if you are reading this I just got let out of jail at about 4:30 am or so. The just said "o.k Jane you are free to go." and let me take off. Anyway I am in search of the fillowing things:

-Victory Toast
-that restrant where corey works

And I did call leagal support, and they said that I lawer would be contacting me soon. I love you guys, and I look forward to meeting up with all of you (including the guys not just the great girls I shared a "cell" with) inspiring people.

Take a Stand 21.Mar.2003 19:07

Dave Smith

I'm disappointed with those who hide behind a mask. Take a stand. If you believe something support without hiding behind a mask.

free rides 21.Mar.2003 19:50

Jeff G JeffG@coho.net

Are there still people that are locked up? I can offer a ride to those needing them. Email me if anyone has this information

Jack's and Jill's opinion? 21.Mar.2003 23:36

blacktop pink

So KGW news reports that in their latest poll, with some 2000 polled, 93% said the police used "not enough force against the protesters," 7% said that "the right amount of force was used." 0% said "too much force was used." it may be too easy to trivialize this poll.

Perhaps on a related note -- one co-worker told of having been stuck in her car while trying to drive over the B'side bridge. She told of seeing Critical Mass, ideed of having learned about critical mass for the first time, on the spot, as they rode by. She told of her rage when somebody rode by with a peice of wood and smacked the roof of her car with it. She was, shall we say, turned off. I assured her that there were likely people involved in the mass who were also not supportive of that person's behavior.