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HEARD ON COP RADIO: Officer safety, screwdriver comment, internet chat room

Cop dispatcher passing along Internet Chat Room "Intelligence" RE screwdrivers

I'm a ham operator and listen in occasionally on Portland's trunk radio

Last night I was listening to the mayhem... they sounded very stretched, for
a couple or three hours, resource and organizational wise.

In the middle of all of this, the dispatcher comes on with: (i am quoting
approximately from memory)

"Information for Officer Safety. Observed in an Internet Chat Room. Protesters planning to pull officers into crowd and stab them with screwdrivers."

It sounded like complete BS to me. I hope to G-d it was completely BS.
But it says that not only are they listening into the chat rooms, they're
also taking it seriously enough to relay to all their "troops in the field."

Just wanted to pass along the information...

By the way, I do have mixed emotions about protesting once things are
started. But I do support you. George Bush is a complete idiot, and I'm
very upset about what they're doing with the country. And I'm ashamed the
country elected (or came close to electing him.) And I've got very close
to getting sick while watching Hummer Ads on TV, and that we're too sissy
in this country to change our oil habit. It's shameful.

I don't particularly like to see the flag get burnt. It's our flag too.
I think you need to try to present a rational message to the media.. love
the country, hate the idiot Bush and what they're doing to it.

Good luck. Please remember most of the cops are just doing their jobs and have families to go home to.

It's Called A Psyop 21.Mar.2003 12:24

Impeach the Idiot Boy-King War Criminal

It's a psychological operation. FBI or COINTELPRO agents will feed misinformation to the Portland PD to make them more aggressive. Normal human beings don't club little girls, pepper spray senior citizens, or teargas U.S. veterans for peace. At the WTO, bogus reports of protestors with weapons would go out over police radio seconds before teargas was deployed. It's a convenient lie to justify their brutality.

Thank you 21.Mar.2003 13:31

Salmon Girl

Thank you for expressing yourself so graciously and maturely. What with all the "I hate protesters" "die you freaks die" "go back to Iraq" garbage coming from freepers, your attitude is nice to see.