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m20: day x

"Get a job!" (HUH?)

Hearing "Get a job!" from anti-protesters is telling evidence of their vacuous thinking.
Of all things that anti-protesters yell at protesters, "Get a job!" has to be classic. I've heard it for years; i heard it last night. Amazingly vacuous. Am i to assume that the driver who yelled that at us yesterday was himself on duty & makes his living by driving past protesters, yelling things? What a strange job, but as they say, "somebody has to do it". I also wonder if such knuckleheads think that protesters should have jobs with 24-hour shifts, precluding any time at all to be protesting. Shortly after bush stole his "election", pro-bush & anti-bush people met up at Pioneer Square. Pro-bush people were marching around the Christmas tree. So some of us anti-bush people went & circled in the opposite direction, making the republicans move aside. That angered them. One yelled at me, "Get a job!" As it happened, i was working one full time & two part time jobs, just not at that moment. Anyway, i yelled back, "Am i to assume that YOUR job is marching around Christmas trees?" Of course, he had no come-back. Blustery language & vacuous thinking are hallmarks of supporters of fascism. I think one reason why i'm a progressive or liberal or leftist or whatever, is that i rarely hear an articulate & rational ultra-conservative. The right needs spokespersons, who are well-scripted & well-rehearsed ideologues. Their supporters simply revert to bluster & straw men & circular arguments & garbage like that. Most "leftists" are far better debaters. Last night, a woman was chalking a message on the Burnside/2nd intersection pavement. Some guy approached her & complained about the stoppage of traffic. She glared at him & deftly asked, "There's a war going on, & you're talking about TRAFFIC?" It was a perfect exchange. We in The Movement have difficult work to do, but we have advantages, rational thinking being one.

"I think; therefore i AM ..... for Justice & Peace!" Onward!

(but first, i need tuh find me one o' them jobs where yuh get tuh harrass them protesters)
I wish I had a job. 21.Mar.2003 12:18


That would be great if you could find a job. But if you are like me, middle aged, it is hard. I went to work when I was sixteen and have been working all my life until a year ago when the company I worked hard to build went under. Due to the Bush economy there is probably little future.

The people who say 'get a job' already have jobs and are remarkably out of touch. If little Bush has his way the screws will tighten on them too. There will be people willing to do their jobs cheaper. Soon there will be only the rich and poor.

But for the moment you can look down at people like me and yell 'get a job'. See you in the street.

me too 21.Mar.2003 15:40


I was laid off at the end of feb, along with 240+ of my co-workers. My boyfriend was laid off by the same corporation a year ago. My brother has also been laid off from a different corporation. DOWN WITH CORPORATE AMERICA!! A year before laying us off, they reduced our health benefits while raising the cost to us, and gave their CEO's MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES on top of their million dollar salaries. And what sort of severance package did I get? I got a paper saying that it will cost $240 a month to continue my health coverage (which covers ONLY ME), on the back was a reminder that a non-disclosure was signed. Dirty Bastards. How canthey sleep at night? The state of this country is just SICK.