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Complete log of protest text message service

I think the text message service was a success. People were able to keep informed of the various direct actions and police movements.
here is the complete log of the protest text message service. we recieved over 250 tips from 11 different sources. we sent out 126 alerts in all. at the start our network included ~50 cellphones and pagers... by the end of the night that numbder rose to 62.

all email addresses and communications have been deleted. if we do this again for another protest, announcements will be posted on indymedia. thanks for your help!

11:48pm sms service officially ending. all email addresses will now be deleted. thnaks for your work at the protests today. we did a good job disabling portland. check indymedia and protest.cocksalad.com for future sms protest services. no war!
11:46pm final arrests being made one at a time at the sit-in. things will probably be over within the hour.
11:35pm shots fired
11:34pm empty trimet bus on 3rd to hold all the arrests. third avenue ordered to clear. it appears most people moved to sidewalks (except sit-in)
11:32pm approx. 75 people or so are still "sitting in" 2nd & burnside despite indymedia reports to the contrary.
11:26pm rubber bullet and chemical gear brought out, warning, warning!
11:21pm police to approach from north on 3rd
11:11pm police are unsure they can hold crowd at 3rd and ankeny
11:08pm small group regrouping at 3rd and everett
11:04pm false alarm, just flash powder cans
11:01pm teargas deployed to break protestors up
10:57pm police pulling bicycles away and making individual arrests
10:51pm police tightening the circle and not letting protestors out
10:47pm police advancing on protestors in line
10:41pm police asked news crews to obey - things are to get "out of hand" soon
10:38pm police cars deploying to westside, warning, warning!
10:38pm news reports police are about to break it up. 10-12 police cars stacked up
10:31pm news reports say police will ask people to leave in 15 min to an hour.
10:13pm several more squad cars dispatched towards scene. beware!
10:10pm approx 60 riot cops headed down 2nd avenue towards protestors
10:09pm police outside police bureau mounting on trucks getting ready to move in
09:49pm police make presence known but no aggression. remaining burnside group around 500 people
09:30pm channel 12 news report 35 arrests total today
09:27pm police scanners quiet, no reports from the field
09:15pm many police on east end of burnside br. few protestors eastside.
09:04pm observer noted cops appear to have abandoned wside of burnside br. protest unfettered.
09:02pm police officers inconvenienced, have not eaten yet
08:57pm officers being called back, day officers being relieved
08:44pm most protesters mass at burnside bridge. number in teh thousands
08:34pm west burnside clear. no police down under
08:31pm police may be eating donuts under the bridge
08:28pm someone plase scout under the bridge please!
08:27pm rummor - police may be planning assult from under burnside bridge
08:18pm police block stairs on east burnside bridge. small groups advance east
08:17pm 2 more police squads headed to burside bridge east
08:15pm police will allow burnside bridge capture. but stop i-5 attempts
08:14pm many protesters request breaking and violence stop.
08:13pm bike squads close on burnside bridge. 2 west. 1 east
08:10pm police wait under east burnside bridge
08:09pm truck full of riot cops on second and burnside. protesters in trouble
08:06pm broadway group heads east to support burnside bridge
08:04pm major local news coverage.
08:02pm protesters hit everett... reports of police hitting burnside bridge from the east.
08:01pm police are expecting broadway protesters on burnside to bridge
08:00pm critical mass broken up. many arrests.
07:59pm protesters rule burnside bridge
07:56pm 20 in custody and 30 moving s from psu
07:55pm broadway group en route to burnside
07:54pm more police stage at lincoln high school
07:51pm police staging on 14 and morrison.
07:47pm i-84 closed to 39th - hollywood
07:46pm protesters throw bikes at cars on 405
07:45pm correction - critical mass takes i-405.
07:45pm police box protesters at 2nd and burnsdie. bridge closed at east.
07:44pm police en route to lloyd
07:37pm critical mass take i-84
07:35pm peace chanters turn riot cops around at 2nd and burnside
07:34pm mass of riot cops mount at second sounth of burnside
07:31pm 150 block westbound sunset hwy
07:31pm large group heads to broadway on northeast broadway
07:30pm east group turning east on weidler
07:19pm riot squad follows march north on grand
07:15pm police at burnside bridge west told to let protesters pass
07:13pm bike squad en route to pioneer square
07:09pm marchers north on grand to lloyd
07:06pm paddy wagon en route to grand and everet
07:05pm sit-in west end of burnside bridge
07:04pm 250 protesters on i-5
07:03pm i-84 blocked by protesters at grand
07:03pm 75-100 protestes sitting on i-5
06:47pm human chain spans burnside bridge
06:40pm 10 horse cops dismount at 4th and davis
06:39pm crossing burnside bridge
06:35pm 500 headed ro morrison bridge. !000 stopped on 2nd and burnside
06:32pm 500 headed north on couch near 2nd
06:28pm critical mass east to lloyd area
06:27pm large train en route to steele bridge. eta 10 mins
06:27pm 500 protesters leaving steel bridge.
06:25pm pepper spray and arests on steele bridge
06:24pm medical on 2nd and evert
06:20pm critical mass northbound on grand near morrison bridge. flanking the steele?
06:19pm large group northbound on morrison and 1st
06:18pm 2 riot squads, 1 other squad wait it out on steele
06:16pm pro war vs anti war at salmon and nato. police en route
06:16pm correction: police barricade east buenside bridge
06:15pm paddy wagons headed to east end of steel bridge.
06:15pm more protesters head to support steel bridge effort
06:13pm police en route to nato and main
06:13pm protesters barricade east burnside bridge
06:11pm beaverton riot cops can"t get to bridge due to protesters.
06:10pm police holding at steel. more pepper spray en route
06:09pm five canasters of pepper spray sent to steel bridge.
06:09pm medical headed to east end of steel bridge
06:08pm horses en route to steel bridge
06:05pm correction: no one in the river
06:04pm cop and protester in river.
06:03pm cops ordered to clear steel bridge
06:02pm battle for steel bridge rages. police en route from beaverton. look out!
06:01pm 1000 protesters head south on 3rd from yamhil.
06:01pm protester take steel bridge.
05:58pm police staging near steel bridge
05:58pm hundreds on 1st southbound from burnside
05:57pm westbound max blocked at 3rd
05:53pm police en route to morrison group
05:51pm vandalism at 3rd and burnside
05:50pm group at 3rd and burnside cleard out.
05:49pm car hits person at couch and broadway
05:44pm max head up in beaverton to aviod city
05:43pm morrison bridge closed again.
05:38pm march spreading north into oldtown
05:37pm protesters damage cars on second and davis.
05:32pm police display pa system at 2nd and burnside. flag burning. 1000 people.
05:28pm 2 police squad cars on morrison bridge
05:27pm 100 people sitting at second and burnside.
05:25pm march head at 3rd and ash. cars trapped.
05:23pm critical mass meets marchers near nato parkway
05:21pm group occupying 2nd and burnside.
05:18pm march heads north on second near burnside.
05:15pm police shutting down morrison br. westbound. small stand off on east end.
05:09pm radical march: north on second
05:07pm radical march turns east on yamhil near 4th
05:03pm radical march on 4th heading north near salmon
04:05pm police scanner: all bridges now open.
04:03pm police scanner: morrison bridge closed. police assessing.
04:02pm the protester alert network is now online. send reports to:  page@cocksalad.com