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excellent local media coverage????

good coverage?
congratulations to both critical mass and the regular protesters for keeping a fluid and ever-adapting protesting going!

not only did it challange police to keep up, but it got non-stop live coverage from 4 pm untill midnight on both channel 2 and channel 12 (fox). both channels also had live helicopter coverage all night! this is a huge amount of time to put on live TV (it even got more overall live coverage than iraq, strange!). the "great" thing about the coverage (im not trying to be too nice) is that both channels had lots of reporters all over and you could see the shutting down of all 3 freeways, 3 bridges and burnside and 2nd live and all at once!

i really think the protesters from last night really were very effective in spreading out and slowing down lots of traffic (and im really surprised about the freeway blockades! way to go!) its great that protesters continue to evole and adjust to do what needs to be done to get your message across!

keep it up!

RE: Fox 12 live coverage timed out @ 1:00am 21.Mar.2003 12:10


I marched across the Burnside bridge between 7:00 and 8:00 pm, but didn't stay

yes, I believe that these tactics are effective, reach many people, and hope they'll continue. We can be a bit more coherent and organized next time, with reinforcements and replenishment.

TV station Fox 12 tonight had coverage of the sit-down blockade of Burnside bridge, and the coverage actually improved a bit as time went on--

we actually *called the station up* to ask them to interview individuals for their views on the war and why they are being arrested, because for a while it was just three or four TV dronepeople looking at the footage of protestors being dragged away by cops and just trying to *guess* or infer what was happening . . .

so calling up the TV station with your pro-con ideas about the coverage might help.

Especially in discussing details about reasons for the war, and why we oppose Bu$h & Co. (corporate welfare, education, children, Constitution, war crimes, just plain lies, etc.)

They ended up mentioning in some detail:

1. that the protestors had planned solidarity in advance
2. that the protestors had specific ways of finding legal assistance after arrest
3. that the protestors intended to send a clear message that they disagreed with their government about this war, and that 'business as usual' would be disrupted because of it, i.e. the war will not be allowed to become 'business as usual'
4. that this would not be the last of such demonstrations, and that the protestors would be coming up with other actions and surprises over the coming weeks
5. about the scope of actions (interstate highway blocking, sit-ins, candlelight vigils, chants, songs) and the diversity of the groups and individuals participating.

we can only hope...