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KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula

The Critical News being kept from us all as the U.S. invades Iraq. The end of humanity could be near as U.S. continues to threaten world peace: KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula.
KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula

The large-scale joint military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea have made the situation on the Korean Peninsula more tense and a nuclear war may break out at any moment, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)said on Friday in a commentary.

Timed to coincide with the US military attack on Iraq, which began on Thursday, the military exercises prove that the United States is implementing its strategy of fighting two regional wars at the same time as part of its efforts to dominate the world, said KCNA, the official news agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

With use of massive numbers of troops and modern military equipment, and the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in a South Korean port, the March 4-April 2 Foal Eagle and the March 19-26 RSOI joint exercises by the United States and South Korea are the largest yet, and are intended to threaten and stifle the DPRK by force, the commentary said.

While staging exercises by air, sea and land, the United States focuses its aerial strategy by mobilizing fighter-bombers and stealth fighters around the Korean Peninsula. This means that it is going to "mount a preemptive attack on nuclear facilities in the DPRK and take it as an opportunity of escalating the war."

As the US strategy of mobilizing international pressure failed to work on the DPRK, it is turning to military means, the commentary pointed out.

The United States has turned down the DPRK's proposal for a non-aggression treaty and staged the largest ever military exercises directed against the DPRK. The exercises drive the military situation on the Korean Peninsula to the "brink of a nuclear war", it said.

The DPRK will increase its self-defense capacity and eliminateany aggressors at a single stroke, the KCNA warned.


People's Daily Online ---  http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/


China Strongly Calls for Immediate Stop of Military Actions Against Iraq

China strongly calls for immediate stop of military actions against Iraq, return to track of political solution to Iraq issue, Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said at the press conference Thursday.

The military actions against Iraq, carried out despite opposition from most governments and peoples across the world and bypassing the United Nations Security Council, violated the United Nations Charter and the basic norms of international law, he stressed.

China is very concerned about, and keeps a close watch on, this situation and Chinese government's position on Iraq issue accords with world people's strong aspiration for peace, according to the spokesman.

Kong Quan also said China will continue to call for world peace and will take actions with other countries to make the countries concerned stop their military actions in Iraq.

China's concern lies in three aspects
Firstly, China is concerned about the military actions that relevant countries have launched against Iraq, disregarding the strong hope and appeal of most countries and their people for peace and bypassing the United Nations Security Council, Kong said at the regular press conference.

China is also concerned about the lives and property of the Iraqi people and the profound influence the military actions may bring to regional and global peace.

The spokesman said in resolving the Iraq issue, China keeps in mind that the unity and authority of the UN Security Council should be maintained and the seriousness of the Council's Resolution 1441 and other previous resolutions upheld.

Among the 190-plus members of the United Nations, the overwhelming majority stand for a political solution of the Iraq issue, and so do most members of the Security Council.

China evacuated all its nationals, including diplomats and journalists, from Iraq and closed its embassy in Bagdad two days ago.

Kong said that the safety of foreign citizens and embassies in China "will be ensured", as the Chinese government attaches great importance to the safety of foreign citizens, embassies and organizations in China.

On Japan's support of the military actions against Iraq, Kong said China hopes Japan would be "very prudent" in participating inany military actions overseas.


People's Daily Online ---  http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/
What do I care what China thinks? 21.Mar.2003 11:45


China, Human Rights Violators.
What the fuck do I care what they think?

North Korea is just yanking everyones chain.
They don't want war. They want food. Their people are starving. As long as the U.S. keeps giving them aid, they'll behave.

Who gives a fuck what America thinks 21.Mar.2003 11:58

Nuke America

And who gives a fuck what America thinks--a Human Rights violator in its own right, even as its self-rightouesly and hypocritically points its finger about Human rights at everybody but themselves. Just ask all the antiwar protestors and Arab immigrants in this Land of Lies.

Make no mistake, Americans, the world is looking hard at you and will condemn you for the evil you spread around the world. All your self-righteous propaganda won't ever be enough to hide behind.

yeah, they're murderers and opportunists... 21.Mar.2003 12:05


...like nearly every other government in the world. but politically, strategically, i like the idea that a big-ass country with 3 times our population and lots of resources and military power is explicitly opposing governor bush's insanity. unlike france, who more or less caved as soon as we started blowing shit up, saying that they "[hope that this will be finished as soon as possible]"...pathetic.

as far as n. korea goes, the guy with his finger on the big red button, kim jong-il, is nutty-fucking-nutkins. i think that it would be misleading to assume that he's acting with a rational pursuit of the best interests of the state of n. korea in mind, as opposed to whatever voice(s) it is that he's listening to in his head. and he, unlike saddam, really does have weapons of mass destruction - my understanding is that missile technology is one of n. korea's primary exports (if not the primary export). i've simply gathered that from several conversations from trusted, informed friends and aquaintences, however, so no claims are layed to that tidbit's validity.

at any rate, yeah, it's kinda funny to hear china talking about the peaceful pursuit of resolution via international law, what with tibet being a *minor* bone of contention in that regard...

much respect and support ot everyone out there protesting.