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Don't look stupid on TV!

It is important, if you seriously want to stop the horrors, to appear serious on tv and NOT look like a bunch of high school stoner idiots. We need to be respected by the masses we want to win over, not laughed at.
I stayed home and watched the events on TV. They did a pretty good job of not playing favorites and just showing what was going down.

One thing that really subtracted from the real protestor's efforts was the appearance on tv, not of protesting, but of rowdy partying on the streets.

I have been hearing a lot of comments that the protest looked more like Portland Goes Wild On Spring Break, than it did like a political statement.

I am a veteran of the Civil Rights and Vietnam protests and know that what worked then was a seriousness of cause.

It is important, if you seriously want to stop the horrors, to appear serious on tv and NOT look like a bunch of high school stoner idiots. We need to be respected by the masses we want to win over, not laughed at.
ya well - 21.Mar.2003 11:38


The media did it's job - and you sat at home and fell for it. Yes there were some jerks - but that was about 5% of the whole deal.

You think the media is going to get shots of people peacefully protesting? That's not entertainment at all -

Love In 21.Mar.2003 11:40


I agree. I was there, too. When we partied we did it with a be-in or a love-in in the park. These were the best parties of the century.

You want to party? Let's plan to take over Mt Tabor Park for the whole of July 4th weekend!

No riots. No fights. No damage. Just sex, drugs and rock n roll!

Yes and no 21.Mar.2003 11:41


I agree with your sentiments, but the Netwrok news seemed pretty biased when the cops swept through. The anchors and reporters made it sound like we were cockroaches, just a pesky nuisance and that the cops were justified in losing their patience. The broadcast seemed to be from the cops POV, and nothing about the protestors spirit, or why they were doing what they were doing.

Thanks to all of the protesters, vigil people 21.Mar.2003 11:41

Albert Kaufman albi@earthlink.net

Last night we held a candlelight vigil in front of the Jesuit High School along the Beaverton-Hillsdale Road. I would guess about 200 cars passed us, many honking as we stood there in a light rain. It felt important to be out in the suburbs taking action.

It was exciting to come home and see everyone on the streets downtown. We were sorry to not be there, but it was good to see TV's view. They are such hotheads. I may write more about this later. We've got some seriously wrong-headed talking heads in this town - and they need to go, if you ask me. Or, seriously change their tune.

Again, thanks for those who stuck it out.


necessary 21.Mar.2003 11:51


i agree that this is an unfortunate necessity. if we want to get media coverage, we have to exploit their weaknesses. unfortunately, they like to cover "spectacles." we need to create spectacles in order to be heard (they kept us on for 8 - 9 hours!!!).

i would like to hear more ideas of creating "media-worthy" (tongue in cheek) spectacles without it looking like chaotic, violence-hungry, rowdy revelry.

turn media on itself 21.Mar.2003 11:54


i agree with the original post. we may despise the madia and all their bias, but we can also use it as a tool to get our real message out. if you ahve an oppotunity with the media don't waste it, use it as a valuable pr opportunity rather than giving them more fodder to portray the protesters as violent or irresponsible, that's exactly what they're looking for. be smart, these are important times, don't let your emotions get in the way of intelligent action.

Trip Gives No Respect 21.Mar.2003 11:56

Lars the Infidel

Hey, Trip. You stayed home. And yet you still feel like you're in a position to rain down condescending advice?! I'd say you're the one coming off like a high school idiot. Any person with sense knows that if they have serious constructive suggestions, that they don't do it like some wannbe wise-one from on high. Try helping out like you're a decent human with valuable experience and not some bitter old fogey. Next time, stay home and spare us your two-cents worth.

Don't give a bad show for the tv! 21.Mar.2003 12:04


Most of the media coverage was fair and broad based. When 5% of the peple looked bad, it gave the media what it needed to make 95% look bad.

The objective is to wear the white hats. Do the right thing and when the cops start being pigs, THEY will be the ones to look like shit on tv.

Don't discount the power of getting on tv. It is VERY important. It is what stopped the Vietnam war.

Take your appearance on tv seriously and you will make your point so much better than if you look like an idiot.

Corporate Media LOVES This Shit!! 21.Mar.2003 12:17


The corporate media loves to see this type of thing. They just want the ratings. They can distort all they want, but the facts are the same.

As the comment somewhere above states, they had helicopters in the air and broadcast live for nearly the whole day.

i think the oppisite 21.Mar.2003 12:17


actually, please continue to look stupid. that way you'll sway the moderates towards the pro-liberation side :)

we were cockroaches 21.Mar.2003 12:18

black flag!

we were cockroaches?

you are finally starting to get some perspective as the way the rest of the world sees you.

So How.... 21.Mar.2003 12:30


are you going to stop that 5% from being "bad?" More fucking peace police? Fuck that. The peace police were fucking shit up by keeping people off the freeways.

The media will always focus on the negative shit - that's their job, to maintain the status quo. When a black blocker torched a flag, there were like 12 cameras around her. They cover what they want to cover and that is stuff that makes the protestors look bad. Thankfully, most people had the right idea, and refused to be interviewed except by KBOO, and told the news media, especially the FOX reporters, where to get off. There were some pretty witty comments being thrown at the journalists and they look pretty embarassed.

Temporary Autonomous Zone 21.Mar.2003 12:32

Friend of Hakim

Good point, Lars. Watching the events unfold (and listening to the newscasters trip over their tongues, totally unable to adlib) prompted me to experience things for myself. While there, I noticed the best advice coming from more sagacious protesters in the thick of things. They calmly modified the behavior of many an upstart through dialogue and by example. This reached its height during some brilliant, authentic dialogue between the Anti-War and Support Our Troops factions. While some couldn't handle the idea of opposing viewpoints, others patiently reminded them that this was a peaceful protest. THe major newsmedia's filter cannot be trusted for its accuracy. (at one point a newscaster forgot about the idea of objectivity and exclamined, "Now the police are sprinting towards us." SUch flase solidarity can be a trifle misleading to the unknowing viewer.)

Some kudos 21.Mar.2003 12:32


I left the Burnside area about 10 pm last night because I was about ready to drop from hunger and I still had a long bike ride back to Vancouver. I watched the sit-in until Fox 12 switched over to infomercials. Even though a few folks acted a little immature, I was on the whole quite impressed with the way the sit-in group maintained its composure and maturity.

And kudos to the people who would occasionally pick up trash from around the site! It's impressive that you were mindful enough to be aware that your protest was generating some litter.

Fox 12 News coverage ended 1:00 am 21.Mar.2003 12:34


I marched from the beginning, and later across the Burnside bridge between 7:00 and 8:00 pm, but didn't stay for the remaining blockade . . .

yes, I believe that these tactics are effective, reach many people, and hope they'll continue. We can be a bit more coherent and organized next time, with reinforcements and replenishment.

it was a SUCCESS yesterday--let's do this in the *mornings* from now on though.

seemed like KATU Channel 2 (?) coverage was biased *against* us pretty heavily--they kept rerunning the clip of the Freeper getting beat up for trying to 'defend' a flag, and also the breaking of Mickey D's windows--

on the other hand . . .

TV station Fox 12 tonight had coverage of the sit-down blockade of Burnside bridge, and the coverage actually improved a bit as time went on--

we actually *called the station up* to ask them to interview individuals for their views on the war and why they are being arrested, because for a while it was just three or four TV dronepeople looking at the footage of protestors being dragged away by cops and just trying to *guess* or infer what was happening . . .

so calling up the TV station with your pro-con ideas about the coverage might help.

Especially in discussing details about reasons for the war, and why we oppose Bu$h & Co. (corporate welfare, education, children, Constitution, war crimes, just plain lies, etc.)

They ended up mentioning in some detail:

1. that the protestors had planned solidarity in advance
2. that the protestors had specific ways of finding legal assistance after arrest
3. that the protestors intended to send a clear message that they disagreed with their government about this war, and that 'business as usual' would be disrupted because of it, i.e. the war will not be allowed to become 'business as usual'
4. that this would not be the last of such demonstrations, and that the protestors would be coming up with other actions and surprises over the coming weeks
5. about the scope of actions (interstate highway blocking, sit-ins, candlelight vigils, chants, songs) and the diversity of the groups and individuals participating.

we can only hope...

stop trippin 21.Mar.2003 12:55


I hate to say it, but monitoring the corpie media while large scale actions are taking place and then analyzing the data both tactically and politically is an absolute necesity.

Not that I want the job. I'd like to continue to be in the streets.

However the tactical knowledge to be gained from watching 6 camera coverage including aerial footage will show you how to turn a bunch of actions into an UPRISING.

The text messaging was great. Thank you to whomever was responsible. A permanent version would be a great mobilisation tool. I found that i need to pay more attention to my cell and erase msgs as they come in or my phone gets jammed and its impossible, on the fly, to know what msg came when... a lot of good info on police movements, arrest numbers (helps with rumor control), we'll know in advance if national guard barracks have been mobilized. There a heaps of benefits.

I agree with another point trip makes. Please don't look stupid on TV. Don't throw up gang signs or shotgun beers. And more importantly, unless you've read a book or part therof this week, don't make detailed statements. say something clear and generic like "i am here to assert my rights as a citizen" or "i oppose this war and this illigitimate president". don't babble like a stoner. And while we're out there make sure the people around you are part of the interchange of ideas. There are a lot of people who might benefit from what you know. Write this website on cards and hand them out.

This is a weakness that has been exploited by the media. Protesting is fun. Protesting is a great way to release some of the pressure that the system of indoctrination starts building in adolescent minds. Its a great place to meet chicks. We can't assume everyone has a real political stake in the actions. Education in the streets is key.

Are you high, Trip? 21.Mar.2003 13:13

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Trip, you must be smoking the kind bud to actually believe that the network television news was "fair and unbiased." They were actually on the phone with the police trying to get the crown arrested! Is that FAIR and UNBIASED, genius? I realise it might harsh your buzz to dig that a protest is confronting people for the real reason the Iraq War is happening (oil for your car to zoom down the highways and roads). But we can't go through life in a stoned haze, can we, Trip?

It doesn't MATTER what the people of America think because WE DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY. Sorry to harsh your mellow again, stoner brah. We live in a Plutocracy, rule by the few ultra-wealthy. Against overwhelming popular sentiment against this war, they went and invaded anyways. It wouldn't matter if 99 out of 100 people were against the war, it would still go on as scheduled.

The best way to act against this war is to make the costs of waging it too high. Get people to drive less, drive down the demand for oil. Civic unrest is another high cost of the war. If they want to fight this stupid war (a genocide really) then make them pay through the nose. If we can make it NOT worth their while to do it, they will stop. all they want is to make a buck. Don't give them your bucks. Don't let anyone give them their bucks.

OK, you are probably pretty bummed out, Trip duuuude, so get back to your bong.

HEY BLACK FLAG? 21.Mar.2003 14:23


Since you have your opinions spoonfed to you by the corporate media, you are not in a position to say how the rest of the world sees us. I was out there talking to the people who were in their cars, being blocked and 85% of them were making peace signs. "Majority" is for the war my ass. Do you even stand for anything?

I got neeeews for youuuuu 21.Mar.2003 14:45


america's gastronomic industrial military intestine internecine splinterknot battles come by the grace of those renting space under that umbrella although we (europeans) do as much hem haw ahumming as we can over the muscleboundness inspired hormoneshit (belgium has a veritable maffia in the stuff so we ain't all THAT different ova heres) but we pay for the protection like any old maffiose gangster racket, all proper and tidy.

We need to focus on campaigns that seekandfind security in a more multilateral (social) sense while at the same time strengthening the 'other' gendered axis, the vertical (the word green hiding in there, dare I say it frenchwise; curiously the greenest movie I ever saw (the sorceress) plays in france, but I saw it in the states if that's any comfort) one. We need ground our men to grow them up, like trees.

Shit, I'm on a roll but this place is closing down so I'll leave yall with some main indy id numbers to whcih I have contributed: 300115, -329, -352, -611, -563 and -540