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Stock Market Way UP, Oil Prices going down, war is good!

The war is going better than expected.
the war is going great!

and the pinkos are in full retreat!
Ya, the War Economy is great! Look..... 21.Mar.2003 11:48

wish i was as smart as Bush

Thank God for the War Economy! Without it, humanity might go on living in peace and justice for many many more centuries. Instead, war is sealing our fate at the hands of WMD! It's a good thing that war is keeping the economy afloat! What do we need the earth for anyway when we have Wall Street and the NASDAQ! If we hurry, maybe we could develop some Artificially INtelligent robots to continue the war economy after humans have been destroyed by kkkorporate Amerikkka!!


KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula

The Critical News being kept from us all as the U.S. invades Iraq. The end of humanity could be near as U.S. continues to threaten world peace: KCNA Warns of Possible Nuclear War on Korean Peninsula.


Here's What I Predicted Four Days Ago, Doofus 21.Mar.2003 13:31


"obba-, obba-zerving the hypocrites. As they mingled with the good people we knew."


A prediction:

Gas prices will fall precipitously in the early days of the U.S. atrocity against the people of Iraq. (Might get a false bump in the stock markets as well, which will enable a few more people to sucker others with their worthless paper.)

The Bush regime and their oil buddies will have a field day with the new, 'free' oil of Iraq. What they once had to buy on the market, they will now control outright.

What's more, their murderous plans will be that much closer to their ultimate targets: Iran, N. Korea, America, etc.

This whole business with Saddam Hussein, when he became Bush and Co.'s 'enemy' rather than their man, started when Hussein started fucking up the oil market by selling oil at higher prices to pay his foreign debts from the Iran/Iraq war of the 80's.

Anyways, as a bone to people who are deeply pissed about this war I would call a massacre, the oil whores in charge of our country will lower considerably the extortional gasoline prices we have all been paying for the last several months.

This will appease a large portion of the American public who pay dearly for the stuff.

I won't be disappointed to pay less for gasoline, I guess, though I buy as little of the evil shit as I possibly can, even when it's cheap.

But a cheaper fill up is not going to dissuade justice seekers from our burning desire to run George Bush and his regime out of the White House and straight to prison for the rest of their pathetic existences.

If I was a supporter of the death penalty, I would even go so far as to say that these thugs deserve to be executed after a war crimes trial should they be found guilty.

Unlike Curious George, I still have a profound respect for justice and the rule of law. Trying these guys on the true facts would certainly result in their convictions.



Yep 21.Mar.2003 14:38


Everyone one know war is good for capitalism moron. That is unless it's c***s war of course...

Message for 'Saddam's Widow' 21.Mar.2003 16:40

oh, yeah?

not for long . . .