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Standing against tyranny

My thoughts about last night...
To all who were arrested or stood in harms way last night...

Thank you for having the courage to take this anti-war movement to the next level. Instead of letting the power that has been generated fade away, your actions have made Portland proud again!

Please keep this energy going! The more people that see the truth and dignity in standing up against tyranny via protest and civil disobedience - the more will join the fight. Even in my 9-5 gig, I am seeing usually non-political people openly debating the wisdom of our government. I'm not saying they will be blocking bridges any time soon, but these are the people that we need to turn the tide. The moral compass of many is being tested in the light of this struggle, so the more we engage in direct action - the more people will be pushed to examine their conscience.

As someone who felt police wrath when George W. Bush's daddy was in town plugging Bob Packwood's candidacy - I understand and sympathize with those who actively engaged the police on the Steel bridge. In my opinion, riot gear and "nonleathal" response tactics only throw more fuel on the fire - rather than serving to defuse the situation.

My only word of caution to those on the front lines - is that we not resort to the same violence that is being brought to bear on us. Sit down, resist and force their hand. Make them move or arrest you. That is how we will win this phase of the struggle.

Once again, thank you all for standing strong. I will see you in the streets.

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