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Where was Marty?

Did anyone see the violent bastard? Maybe he was home beating his wife.
Did anyone see Marty at the protest? I am sure he had to be somewhere beating on innocent kids.

Also, does anyone have footage/stills of the channel 8 news crew assulting people at the begining of the sit at burnside? We need to get it in the open.

Peace and LOVE
Yes, we saw him 21.Mar.2003 11:42

indymedia activist

a group of several of us saw Officer Marty Rowley, Badge #8969, pepperspray in hand, last night, after the cops pushed people back from 2nd and Burnside. He was on a side street (Couch, I think), lurking in the shadows and shouting threats. Bystanders criticized him loudly not only for his obnoxious behavior at the moment, but also for his pepperspraying of activists on Feb. 15 and during the August 2002 Bush Protest.

Here's a picture of him. Get to know this face. Watch him carefully when you see him on the street. Call out his badge number (that's #8969) and remind him that we remember his previous attacks.

Marty? 21.Mar.2003 11:44


Who is Marty? And why is he so violent?

To Who is Marty? 22.Mar.2003 20:42


Lt. Martin Rowley is a Portland Police Bureau enforcer who makes a front and center presence at nearly any event going on in the Central Precinct (downtown SW and NW Portland).

He likes to punish people with pepper spray in the eyes and shoving people around. He has been documented several times (and counting) on videotape attacking people physically and with the spray. I would hate to see what he does to people in one-on-one situations with people when no cameras are around.

He is currently a defendant in a federal civil rights suit for his actions against peaceful demonstrators during an August 22, 2002 visit to Portland by our fuhrer George W Bush.

That is one answer to your question "who is marty?"

As for your question "why is he so violent?" i can only say, who knows?

Perhaps he just hates people, especially kids and people who speak freely in the streets. Perhaps he was abused as a kid. (Perhaps he abuses his wife and kids, if any!)

Our first priority should be to get this guy off the force or relegated to a desk job.

As the original post indicates, check out  http://www.portland.indymedia.org/f15 and  http://www.portland.indymedia.org/a22 for more information.