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Awesome! Bacon Greece! ;)

Is that frying bacon I smell?
The people of Greece know how to protest!

homepage: homepage: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/030321/168/3kyd4.html&e=41&ncid=

Phooey on that 21.Mar.2003 11:27

David B.

Violence is (or ought to be) the establishment's game. Not ours.

That said, the whole nation of Greece shuts down and only one or two shitheads doing stuff like that isn't that bad a ratio.

Portland, OR

That's completely messed up 21.Mar.2003 13:34

Olivesontoast olivesontoast@hotmail.com

that picture it completely messed up. Violence begets violence. It's wrong. Sometimes I think that this website is as guilty of bias, lies and embelishment as the corporate media, it's objective to have power over and sway groups of people by lying. This picture is a clear example. And this website could be such a useful resource. Why post that and say you are for peace? Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr never set anyone on fire and look at what they achieved. Advocating and insighting violence makes you as awful as the police officers and the government. We shouldn't replace the opression of the government with the oppression of violent protesting.

Messed up 21.Mar.2003 21:17


That's not a cool picture. It's hypocritical to oppose a war, and then torch a cop. It's wrong to torch anyone...

Damn ingrates! 21.Mar.2003 22:53


U.S. cops should be fucking thankful that we are not like that! It kind of puts blocking traffic into perspective.