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who stole the police car?

I over heard the cops talking about a car "that is missing and nowhere to be found".
On my way to the bus stop, I walked by the cop shop downtown, and hear some cops dressed in full battle gear talking about a car that needed to be jump-started, and a car that was "missing and nowhere to be found". I was so taken aback, that I automatically asked the nearest cop, "No way!!! Someone stole your car?!?!". He just gave me the offical "Move Along" stare, probably because I started laughing my ass off thinking about some dude crusing around in a pig-mobile. As I past the pig, another one stuck his head out of the shop door and asked, "What is the number of the missing vehicle?". I laughed all the way home...
Funny story unrelated to war marches 22.Mar.2003 20:31


This happened a couple of years ago:

I once met a guy who was picked up by the PPB for some misdemeanor 'criminal' offense.

He was cited and released from the justice center in the early morning hours.

Having no ride and being a total lunatic, he decided the best way to get home across the river was to steal a police car from outside the jail. (I think he was still intoxicated or maybe just a little unbalanced.)

In the process of his getaway, several of Portland's finest saw him jacking the car. Needless to say they kicked his ass hard and put him back in the jail.