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Whose streets? Our Streets!

having fun in downtown
Reasonable response to a successful protest 21.Mar.2003 09:36

George Taylor

I attended the peace rallies at the Park Blocks in January
and Riverfront Park a week ago and am adamantly opposed
to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I believe the anti-war
protests last night made a meaningful statement, and 99%
of the attendees conducted themselves with an intelligence
and restraint that is not being demonstrated by the leaders
of our country. However, I also believe that the police
also conducted themselves with restraint, and dispersing
the crowd (which, technically had assembled illegally and
without a permit) was a reasonable action and was accom-
plished in the least intrusive manner, without arrests
and without injury. In the six or seven hours which
elapsed from the beginning of the rally until the end,
the protestors made a valid statement, but to prolong
the gathering would not have added any more substance to
that statement.
This war will not end and future wars will
not be averted until world peace and harmony becomes a
vision for the future of this planet. This worldview is gaining momentum and will succeed. Hopefully, other rallies, other peaceful protests will occur in the next few days. Hopefully, those of us opposed to the war will use our e-mails, phones fax machines, etc. to let our elected officials know where we stand on this issue, and more successful statements will be made.

What an experience! 21.Mar.2003 11:06


Yesterdays protest was the first protest i have ever had the pleasure of attending. It was absoultly amazing! The way that the people came together and let it be known the way they felt was great. Whether it makes a difference or not to the president it makes a diffrence to those who care. I am against the war but i am not against them getting Suddam... I was suprised to see how many people came out and supported us. What i did not get is that we are down there trying to get all of this to an end for the most part and want this to be peaceful but there are people down there being unpeaceful. They are causeing problems with the police and such and really the police are just doing their jobs for all we know some of those police probably wanted to join us but no they have to keep things in an ok manner. They ar5e just doing their jobs like ourselves do to make a living and support their familys as well. If you really think about it what would have all of us done if there were no police to keep things under control?...and thats all i have to say for now...Thank you for listing!

pic 21.Mar.2003 11:09



In total agreement - 21.Mar.2003 11:24

Billy Bob Thornten

I agree George - I thought the police were very cool - the issues were with people pushing the limits - which is ok with me as well - but why are they outraged over the police doing their job? I don't get the mentality of "us vs them". It is a game - they play their part - as we play ours.

protesters were right... police weren't bad 21.Mar.2003 11:40


I think that given the last few major protests, the police conducted themselves reasonably well. Granted there were extreme exceptions on either side. I support the folks who remained at 2nd and burnside, but wish they would have had more eloquent people to speak to the media, or more signs. I also understand that after 7 hours, the PPD was just doing it's job by removing people. It's a shame people are arrested, but the fact that so many were willing to be arrested for what they believed was right was inspiring. Note that you will never see a group of pro-war, or pro-bush protesters willing to do the same thing. Good job sitters! excellent peaceful protest: you drew the most attention of anyone!

friendly neighborhood street/pharmacist 22.Mar.2003 21:19

Jah Guide will_420@yeahright.com

fu-fuc-fuck the police fuck the police fuck em!!!Sanavek and Barber under the burnside bridge../.....

"i don't need no arms around me!!i don't need no drugs to calm me!!! i have seen the writing on the wall.....don't think i need anything at all.....no don't think i need anything at all!"




police brutality 31.Mar.2003 20:39


what u all saying the police were fine are missing are the facts. I was there. i was on the fence when the police came. one man got down on his knees and said "im only doing this for peace" right afterwards he was smashed upside the head by a riot gaurd bat. is that really needed? NO.