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m20 pix

pix from m20 police brutality! (article 1)
m20 pix
m20 pix
not sure if these will get uploaded ... pdx indymedia has been down for ages, but i am trying to post pix anyways ... bucn of pig pix and stuff as usual ... basically runs ... robocops closing the morrison for us, steel bridge shit going down, back on the burnside the graf kids did the shit, down on the esplanade (thank you for that vera) and onto the 5. batteries died after that and then too dark when i got new batteries. right now watching news channel 8 talking about the violence by the breakaway from the rally at 5pm ... um no one broke away at 5pm coz everyone fuckin went with it and the only violence was towards us. jeezus if i was an editor on a commercial station i would have just booked my place in hell (at least if i believed in all that heaven and hell bullshit). oh and badge names seem to be pearson (with glasses) and smith (diggin the ribs in the second pic on the bridge with the dude getting beat up)

so we have .....

1,2 foot of morrison
3,4,5,6 steel bridge
7 burndie bridge graf
8,9 closing down the 5

vive la croix noir!