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plate #'s for critical mass hit and runs

plate #'s for 2 of the 4 critical mass hit and runs...these are the ones that happened on se grand and nw broadway?...the other two were by a cop and by a truck on 405...
during critical mass on se grand, a SILVER FORD F-350 PICKUP hit and knocked over a cyclist. the driver stopped, then ran over the bike 'monster truck style' before speeding off down a side street. the entire incident happened right in front of 6-8 riot cops at the on-ramp for the morrison bridge--who refused to take down the plate number when we offered it to them--so here it is:
OR# ZEH-364

after crossing the broadway bridge, we were by the train station when a SILVER BMW 3-SERIES CONVERTABLE ACCELERATED through three cyclists, knocking them off of their bikes...this was seen by the 6 police cars who were trailing us, none of which turned around to get him as he drove right past them...here is this guy's plate:
OR# YOY-960

please, if you know these people who were hit and/or had their bikes mangled, get them this info so they can SUE THE FUCK OUT OF THESE GUYS!!!
Find Drivers 21.Mar.2003 09:19

Bike Rider

Can you check with the DMV for the names of the hit & run drivers? Im sure you can find out their info with a little detective work. good luck.

was anybody hurt? 21.Mar.2003 11:06

fed up with the pigs & fascists in the U$

were any of the two people hurt badly?

do try to check with the dmv about the plates. and post their names & addresses here! shame on them.

people in this country have gone completely nuts. we're a nation of barbarians.

Another Plate # for vehicular assult 21.Mar.2003 11:25

Brendan brend_an@hotmail.com

I cant belive that police condone (or at least tolerate) vehicular assult. I'm absolutly schocked. While riding in the critical mass, a motorist became quite frustrated when he was unable to move around the cyclists. making a left from Salmon onto Front ave, he finally just gunned it, rear ended me, destroyed my bike, and sped off. I believe it was an earlier model red toyota pickup.
OR# TMN 033. Punk Mutherfucker. Much to my suprise, a policeman manhandled me off the street and gave ME a ticket for impedeing traffic!? What the fuck? I guess I was the evildoer in this case for not funding or supporting the war effort. So not only is my baby dead (a huge centimental loss not to mention monetary), but I was also cited and fined for it. makes absoluley NO sense whatsoever. If anyone has any advice/comments please email me @  brend_an@hotmail.com. Thanks for reading, Peace.

changing my mind 21.Mar.2003 11:28

Mr. Relative

In the past I have always been of the opinion that Portland police were overzealous in their methods, but after watching the protests last night, I was cheering for the police to start spraying and swinging. The vandalism was just uncalled for. It was just a mob of mostly jerks and clueless delinquents (there was a core group of truely involved and committed activists who I could support). You definately did not help your cause. If you really want to change things, work through government, not against it. It will be an uphill battle for you since you are a small minority. But if you come off like a bunch of hooligans, you will be stuck with that label for a long time. I don't see a single viable leftist leader on the horizon. Grow some leaders. And anarchists will never have any say in anything. A minority will never have it's way in a democracy, no matter how loud you shout, or how obnoxious you act. The only way to become a majority is to sway people though words and acts. Your acts last night turned me the other direction.

Police Required to Serve Summons 21.Mar.2003 11:42


Oregon state law is very bike friendly in situations like this. If those who were assaulted by a vehicle on their bike report the liscense number and a description of the driver to the law enforcement organization with jurisdiction (Portland Police Dept.), The police are required to serve a summons to the owner of the vehicle to appear in court. This law includes a driver or passenger even shouting or honking with the intent to startle or harass. It tends to shock people when they get a seemingly random summons to appear in court days after their assault.

Same Actions Will get Same Results 21.Mar.2003 12:17


Once again we drift into a 'what's acceptable and what's not discourse.' I am sorry that someone who was supportive is no longer.
There seems to be some confusion in perspectives, messages and purposes. Those who have held that the government system, as a whole, is at fault and those who see this regime and its acts and issues that have compelled people to express dissent. There is a shared interest, and that shared interest extends well beyond the US boarders.
Paraphrasing some political theorist, if one believes, and in my view rightly so, that this regime controlling the government is not legitimate then it no longer is representative and does not have the right to use force. The social contract is not in place and people have an obligation to see it is restored or changed (an inalienable right has an inalienable responsibility) . The acts of this regime are not legitimate and that includes the use of force either domestically or abroad. The Bush administration is not legitimate the acts that fall from it are not either. Local police enforcing the illegitimate acts of the feds is unfounded. I think that the Portland Police displayed an unusual degree of change, instead of being as aggressive, and confrontational as they have in the past they responded, in large part, to issues of public safety, which is there job. However, it seems both the mass media and the police still operate from the assumption the they are part of a silent majority and consequently slanted views and aggression are okay because the perpetrators of dissent are 'hooligans' or rabble rousers (archaic terms but KATU used them). So there are short-term issues and longer term ones.
Short term issues can require radical action, particularly if the restrict the ability to influence the way in which people can respond. Over all, the system has lost its course. There was a time, and intent, that the governments key responsibility was to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority and to prevent one coalition of interests from gaining sustained control that would result in oppression of dissent. That is the situation we face today. Now most of the government's resources, particularly the feds, are used to coerce adherence to a narrowing political view... to shut down opposition. There is no loyal opposition. While I don't' think it's a good idea to destroy others property or harm others (as in anarchist or police), I can understand why people feel the way they do. I honor those who express there views, even if it takes a form I would not choose, much more than the slogs who sit by and watch as life we a spectator sport. In a global perspective those we decry as left are moderate to conservative.
It's just too bad it takes a crisis to facilitate change: We never seem to learn

File an accident report / Shoot to kill 21.Mar.2003 12:23


File an accident report as a hit-and-run.

Be sure to state any physical injury, no matter how small. This requires the state to follow up, and will jack the irresponsible driver's insurance rate.

Also bikes are allowed on roads too, in fact it's illegal for them to be on the sidewalks downtown.

You don't run over slower cars on the roadway, do you?

And again, every individual has the right to defend themselves or others with lethal force in the state of Oregon, if:

1) the person who gets the lethal force is using or THREATENING TO USE unlawful physical force in the comission of a Felony (Assault w/ a Vehicle is a felony)

2) the person is using potentially deadly force against yourself or another (again a car is definately considered a deadly weapon)

3) the person is burglarizing a residence.

Kids, getting a CCW permit isn't hard in in Multnomah county. If you have to defend yourself with a firearm against felonious assault because the police won't, you will be on the right side of the law if the attack was unprovoked in Oregon.

Keep in mind though, that Open Carry is against the law in Portland. So if you carry a heater, keep it out of sight and carry your permit.



A big fucking hug and kiss to the cyclists who put themselves on the line to take back the streets. Drivers will always think the roads are solely theirs, so FUCK THEM. Aside from the fact that many of us pay taxes of one kind or another to subside those drivers' lazy asses, we have a right to be in the street, and if there are lots of us, we have the right to take up ALL of the street. The only way cyclists can protect themselves--whether on the daily commute or in a protest--is to TAKE UP SPACE and BE AGGRESSIVE. Otherwise those lazy-ass drivers will continue to believe that cyclists should be riding in the gutter or dematerialize when a car wants to get past them. WAY TO GO CRITICAL MASS!

I witnessed the pickup hit & run 21.Mar.2003 14:19

Michael G Schwern schwern@pobox.com

I was with the Mass on Grand and about 10 feet to the right of the white pickup as it ran over the cyclists around it. If this is brought to trial, contact me at the email address above and I can serve as a witness.

PS That was a company truck with the name of a business on the door. Did anyone catch that name?

White Pickup On Grand Ave 21.Mar.2003 16:22


i've heard from several people who also think the name on the White(Silver?)Ford f350 pickup that ran over the cyclist on Grand Ave was called "ENTEK". this is an air-conditioning company based in Vancouver. they have a website with contact info.  http://www.entekhvac.com/company.html
we need to find out who this guy was.

HYPOCRITS 21.Mar.2003 17:14


Your all hypocrits, if you are so in to what you are doing,why do you cover your faces. Distoring publc property,and block transportation is not peaceful. You need to get a job obviously you have yo much time on your hands. PS if you didn't want to get hit stay out of the road!

You really freak us out 21.Mar.2003 18:29


You critical mass protestors really freak us out! I was with my boyfriend near pioneer court house square crossing the street, WITH the light, and critical mass protestors didn't even stop for pedestrians! They knocked this woman down and she got scuffed up, no one even stopped! I helped her up, she was from Newport and didn't even understand what was happening, I did, but didn't expect people who ride bikes would run us down while we were in the cross walk. I mean, I don't even own a car!!!

Too Bad! 21.Mar.2003 22:29

Jason Anders

Too bad you and your boyfriend were inconvenienced. People are dying and you are complaining that you are being inconvenienced?

Geez - what kind of a war is this? Would you guys suppor the war if Portland was getting bombed? Easy to sit on your big a* and eat popcorn and watch TV.

I pay taxes and have a really good job. I think it is wrong to attack a country unprovoked. The media is sucking up to the government. Since democratic ways are closed for people (Bush does not give a s* to if people are for or against, he will use his bully ways anyways), it leaves only civil disobedience.

Oh those ignorant people who suggest killing bikers because they are protesting... Is this the American way of life you want to protect from Saddam?

good point jason 21.Mar.2003 22:39


very well said.
release your anger people, but not on the ones trying to stop blood from being shed.
most of the protesters have jobs and pay taxes. don't be so quick to judge.

Dear SOT, 21.Mar.2003 22:51



I think that the reason that a lot of us cover our faces is because we do not want to inhale pepperspray.
I know thats why I do it.
at the august 22 rally I was not directly sprayed, but it was thick in the air and wasnt fun to breathe in. Pepper spray has been used many times at Portland protests, so it is prudent for demonstrators to have something to cover at least part of their face with.

I have done nothing to be ashamed of. That is not why I cover my face.

I agree! 21.Mar.2003 23:03


b- I agree, the bikers can be really scary.

I generally think its pretty awesome that so many people use bikes in Portland. And I think its awesome that they use their bikes durring protests.
BUT I really do think that the people on bikes need to be a LOT more careful around pedestrians.

I go to PSU (and dont drive!) and have been nearly hit more times than I have kept track of while crossing the street in a cross walk at the end of park ave.
several times by cyclists going the WRONG WAY! (this is a one way street)
these have not been durring protests.
I dont believe I have even ONCE seen a biker stop at that stop sign, and there are frequently people in that cross walk.

At the protest yesterday there were many careless bikers.
Is it so hard to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks (or on sidewalks)?

meeting? 21.Mar.2003 23:41


so when are we meeting up for a ride again?

AM Radio Droids 27.Mar.2003 22:55

Bicyclists United for Rights to the Road

I see by a lot of the posts here that the Clear Channel DJs have been riling up the rednecks in SUVs and Pick Up Trucks. I think that they're producing airplay copy on this because CM is so effective. I wouldn't advocate violence, but rather caution; but I'd say to anyone corking, near the back of the ride, or when mixed-in with motorists, watch yourself, be prepared to evade or oppose aggressive drivers, and have cameras ready to document drivers faces and license numbers.

my car was hit 06.Jan.2007 23:12


My car was hit by someone on 30th Ave. just north of Stark street. The driver drove away when I came charging out of the house and drove about fifty down Stark. This was at 11pm on Friday January 6th. He was possibly driving a white or silver or dark grey land cruiser or land rover or izusu-yeah I know that's vauge but he did a couple of thousand dollars worth of damage to my car which is less than two weeks old. There is a good chance he came out of one of the bars in the area either Starky's ro whatever the other two are just west of it. If anyone has any information on this person I would be very grateful for it. Please just post some response about it I will check on and off or call the cell. Thanks.