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plate #'s for critical mass hit and runs

plate #'s for 2 of the 4 critical mass hit and runs...these are the ones that happened on se grand and nw broadway?...the other two were by a cop and by a truck on 405...
during critical mass on se grand, a SILVER FORD F-350 PICKUP hit and knocked over a cyclist. the driver stopped, then ran over the bike 'monster truck style' before speeding off down a side street. the entire incident happened right in front of 6-8 riot cops at the on-ramp for the morrison bridge--who refused to take down the plate number when we offered it to them--so here it is:
OR# ZEH-364

after crossing the broadway bridge, we were by the train station when a SILVER BMW 3-SERIES CONVERTABLE ACCELERATED through three cyclists, knocking them off of their bikes...this was seen by the 6 police cars who were trailing us, none of which turned around to get him as he drove right past them...here is this guy's plate:
OR# YOY-960

please, if you know these people who were hit and/or had their bikes mangled, get them this info so they can SUE THE FUCK OUT OF THESE GUYS!!!