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Anti-Peace Driver Attacks Crowd

Portland 03.20.03
Incident Report: 03/20/03

Location: 2nd and Burnside, Portland, OR


A large group of peace protestors gathered at the foot of the Broadway Bridge in Portland at 6PM tonight. A earlier march around the city ended at this intersection, and protestors tried to route traffic around the intersection. After cars had been cleared out by backing up the street, a red truck with two American flags mounted on its sides sped toward the assembled group of approximately 1,500 people. Screeching to a halt, the driver menaced the crowd. Next the red truck sped backwards and up the street around the corner, screech its tires recklessly. Next the truck reappeared at speed around the corner, this time with the flags removed. The driver then backed up, skidded again, and lurched forward and into the crowd. The crowd immediately reacted by blocking his car from further forward movement. The driver then proceeded to verbally abuse several protestors, lurching forward several times and stepping out of his truck once. His first statements were "you just assaulted me by touching my truck." He became increasingly agitated as the crowd chanted "Back up. Go home." Again the truck surged forward, motor revving, and struck several individuals. At this point a protestor advised the individual, "You just assaulted me with a deadly weapon, and I videotaped it. You don't want me to turn this in to the police, because we don't know what they might do to you." Finally an individual convinced the driver to back up, and when the crowd cheered he once again shot forward, throwing several people forward off of his vehicle.


Driver Description: PHOTO Average Height, Average Weight, large amounts of tattoos on both forarms. Long, straggly blond hair, with sunken eyes.

Vehicle Description: PHOTO Red Chevy(?) Truck, probably mid-late 90s make, automotive "bra" on front grille, blue flame-like paint swirls on hood and side panels. An individual at the protest wrote down the license number, but it was not available (help!).

Video footage: by at least one major unidentified local or national news camera, and one private citizen who helped dispel the incident.(help!)

address: address: Portland OR