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Stay healthy and in the streets - Black Cross Health Collective

Our thanks to the thousands in Portland who joined in the protests against the U.S. invasion of Iraq. We will continue to march alongside you.

Anyone who was injured is invited to contact us and we will assist, to the best of our ability, in getting you treatment.
Black Cross Health Collective, along with many individual medics and other action medical groups such as MASHH, did what we could to help keep the movement in the streets tonight.

We owe thanks to all those who protested against the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

To those who were injured or who will be injured while protesting: we will attempt to assist in your treatment. Please contact us at our website, the address is posted here and the link is also on Portland Indy Media's community links.

We urge everyone to take care of yourself and your companions in the coming days. We will not stop the war in one day; we must prepare for a longer struggle.

Fight the Power. Do No Harm. Stop the War

homepage: homepage: http://www.blackcrosscollective.org