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notes from an independent reporter

overall path of march, a few tibits of info i found interesting
so it started for me at terry schrunk plaza, where some people were like woo lets have our little rally
and i think they felt threatened a bit by the realization that people were more interested in taking their city and shutting it down.
so they kinda were like 'uh, so some guy just said to march, but remember you can stay here too' but we marched and the crowd followed.
went north and there were some cops blocking the hawthorne[?] bridge for us, and the crowd pondered it but realized they should push forward.
till the magical burnside and 2nd thing where spontanously people sat down.
it seems like at this point the energy was in danger, but some people headed west and some north, to loop around while listening to the no war drum core.
the march goes south and suddenly we're like, hey this sucks.
head north, see burnside sitters, ask where to go, they say steel, we go up to the bridge where another stand off existed. people at this pointed out that a student had his head blooded by a police baton.
pepper spray was used here.
the crowd stops the blockade here and marches to burnside. we cross the burnside.
here we start to see anti-war graffiti [which there was also on saturday but not to the same extent] and the night is falling. one group stops at the steps down to i-5 and ponders with wonderment the impact they can have by stopping i-5.
the march moves across the bridge and is kinda scattered on the east coast.
here people started taking 84. right before i found this crowd, i saw something fall on the ground in front of me and was like, who is throwing shit into the crowd?
look to the left and see a largish man throwing things [presumably eggs]
this man assualts me when the camera is close enough to see.
i retreat being smaller
police state shows up and clears 84 [without arrest?]
by getting people back
the march continues north.
a mcdonalds window is shattered into little pieces.
the march goes west on broadway, crosses the bridge
the INS building is targetted and grafitti takes its place on the walls, while elsewhere a window of the INS shatters.

rejoin burnside
party for hours.

cops clear it to the north so we can't witness them arresting our friends.
they bring out the ice cream truck.
tell us something about clearing the road.
move us a block north, hold a line.
open fire
rubber bullets and then a full on charge at a run.
split us up good.
then several other similiar lines that night.
i guess our spikey punk friends decided to represent and south on 3rd there was a lot of debris scattered into the road.

overall thoughts on the day
to police were spread too thin to effectively stop us for the most of the day. their budget is too short to do too many mass arrests.
a lot of regular people realized that the police will fire into a peaceful crowd.

this can't be the end it needs to be the beggining. cities all across the nation are letting the administration know that we will not accept this facist state that marches us into war after endless war while taking away our civil freedoms and detaining 'undesirables'
the war cost a hell of a lot more today.
Remember.... 21.Mar.2003 02:00



Peaceful crowd? 21.Mar.2003 09:06

Billy Moon

A peaceful crowd sits... you did not honor yourself or the peace movement... You took advantage of a city in crisis...