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something i saw today
I was walking down (3rd?) toward Burnside, and we were passing the National Forestry Service Building. I noticed people taking pictures of the doors there, and so I stopped to see what was going on. Apparently, someone had spray-painted anarchist slogans on the doors there. There were two kids taking pictures there, and suddenly this guy comes out, screaming at them. I didn't realize why he was screaming until another guy came down the block from the north screaming as well, and got into an argument of sorts with the girl there. It seemed that he was of the impression that the media reps photographing/filming the graffiti had been the ones that had perepetrated it. The girl quickly explained to him that she and her comrade had had nothing to do with it, and were simply filming what had happened for posterity. He seemed satisfied with this, however the man who had originally exited the building itself was not, and attempted to grab her. She broke loose and ran, and another gentleman confronted him about his behavior. I turned to film the results and witnessed the concerned gentleman being wrestled to the ground by two men who appeared to be security guards. It seems that the security guards for the building, having noone else to arrest, decided to apprehend the first witnesses upon which they could get their hands in lieu of the actual perpetraters of the crime. Thanks to our security guard force of Portland for helping to take a BITE out of NONCRIME!