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Do I Win the Prize for Earliest and Most Absurd Arrest?

Do I Win the Prize for Earliest and Most Absurd Arrest?
I was cycling along NE Broadway about 4:30 toward downtown PLANNING to ride Critical Mass. As I passed the military recruiting office (war pimps), I hopped onto the sidewalk to look in the window at their vast array of beautiful propaganda. One of the war pimps had apparently gone to subway for a sammy and walked back toward me. "How's it goin'?" I asked (seriously). Noticing the bullhorn strapped across my back, he apparently knew where I was heading and shot me an evil look as he walked into the building.

Thinking he was rude, I flipped him off through the window as well as the other war pimps inside right as a cop pulled up beside me in the street. The chickenhawk war pimp gestured to the cop, giving me a smug look, and I flipped him off again.

Apparently the war pimps got their feelings hurt and I was arrested for harassment. I'm not one to judge, but if these guys have been trained to kill and die it seems funny that one middle finger could cause them any hurt.

On a positive note, I was able to watch all you beautiful marchers and massers on the TeeVee in the Ministry of Love. Needless to say, the sherrifs were cheering whenever they say the pepper spray used.

You were beautiful. I'm sending love to everyone who was injured and arrested.

Legal Eagle

Fight the criminal harrasment charge...i.e. plead not guilty.

They will try to bargain or drop charges in exchange for you promising not to sue them. But after you win the misdemeanor (which you should...even if cop exagerates in court) sue them for violation of Oregon Consitution and Federal Constitution. At the start of new wars cops tend to take liberties with the law and citizens need to hold their feet to the fire for it (not literally of course).

Be careful 21.Mar.2003 08:44


Gotta watch your back around the fucking army dudes. After all, "they're over there fighting for freedom!" So don't expect to be able to express yourself freely around em if you don't want to get arrested.

Yikes??? 21.Mar.2003 08:50


Your story is pretty funny - (not really - but you know what I mean). I was unaware that flipping someone off was grounds for arrest? Something good to know.

No Shit! 21.Mar.2003 11:24


OMG! I think your brave really that is pretty funny that you did that i mean who would have thought someone would get arrested for that? All i am going to say now is you go!

not harassment 21.Mar.2003 11:30

Sadder But Wiser

Actually, flipping someone off (even a cop) is not against the law in Oregon. It is considered "free speech" and protected by the U.S. constitution.

If all you did was flip him off, you did nothing illegal.

is flipping off illegal? 21.Mar.2003 11:54

Peter Punk

I have also been arrested for flipping a cop off, and decided to look into the law. Giving somebody the middle finger translates verbally to: Fuck you. Which is considered assualt by means of threat. On the other hand, sticking your tongue out at them roughly translates verabally to: nah nah nah nah nah na! Which is not any form of threat or assualt. So next time, show 'em your tongue!

Harassment 21.Mar.2003 11:57


Some of the previous posters are correct, the act of "flipping off" is protected as free speech. It is not illegal to yell, use vulgar language, wave your arms, scratch your balls, etc. However as soon as you direct these actions to an individual to harass you have broken the law. After reading your story it is OBVIOUS that you were harassing the army guy. You can legally talk all you want about your sexual life but you can be charged with sexual harassment if its directed to harass.

Heh 21.Mar.2003 15:18

mtvkillsbunnies dicknity@balls.com

On wednsday when a handful of people including myself we're standing at Terry shrunk a cop drove by and flipped us off...

It's not so much of a two way street now is it?

Flip off 21.Mar.2003 18:21


Hey! I have video footage of a corporate media guy from channel 6 flipping me off. Can I have him arrested??? (Oh. I forgot. They work for the cops.)

2 Way Street, Even Under Construction 14.Mar.2004 09:20

Always amazed!!! tohidumentalhealth@msn.com

Recently, while driving down a poorly marked street, while under construction, a cop was waving and shouting as though I'd run over his dear mother; I turned off of course and said if he's "calm down some" his directions might be more effective, his illegal reply, "FUCK YOU LADY." I love our Men in Blue....

The Cops Are Evil! 23.Aug.2004 16:35

Under the oppressor's boot

The Cops Are Evil! The Cops Are Evil! All they do is oppress! We the innocent masses never do anything wrong. We never provoke cops or take into consideration the dirtbags they have to deal with everyday. The cops are just power hungry pigs who like to harass the innocents. Rise people rise, and strike at the boot that is holding us down!