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human & civil rights

Are you serious about the revolution?

The questions may be difficult but it is imperative for us to create answers for them.
We really need to think about creating parallel institutions to replace the essential functions provided by the government.

What happens when a major terrorist attack happens (as it probably will, given all the gasoline our government of war criminals has just poured on the fire)? Is the stricken city or region going to have to choose between shutting up and keeping quiet or getting help from those who have a monopoly on providing it?

When a street or freeway is blocaded, should ambulances and fire trucks be let through. I think it's pretty obvious they should. What happens when the establishment takes advantage of this and starts using ambulances as squad cars? How to know what's a "real" ambulance or not?

One obvious answer to both involves doing outreach to civil servants. Many already are outraged about our government's criminal actions, and there's others that can be convinced.

The establishment has bitten off more than they can chew. The combination of an anti-tax attitude (thanks to right-wing talk radio) and an increased terrorist threat due to the war has created police forces whose numbers are thinned due to budget cuts and distraceed by anti-terrorism partols to the point where they are unable to control the streets if we show up in sufficient numbers.

That's good, but it also means that martial law is a very real likelihood. How do we deal with that? How do we continue and escalate the resistance without simply beating our heads against the brick wall of a police state? One thing in our favor is that so many military troops have been sent overseas that it's going to be difficult to get lots of them together for domestic oppression. But I don't think that's going to give us a total free ride.

The time to start thinking about these questions is NOW.

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Marksmanship training for activists? 21.Mar.2003 00:20

Gomer Pyle

Shit, the Boy Scouts have a merit badge in this, why don't you?

Well... 21.Mar.2003 00:22

Son of immigrants

You forget... unlike you and your marxist friends, the people of the US are well armed and by law members of the militia... yup, the people that would keep our country whole against you hooligans should the military be otherwise occupied.

support the resistance 21.Mar.2003 01:24


Time to exercise our second amendment rights. Remember? the ones that liberals again 'against'? Time to wake up and smell the coffee as to what 'real' freedom is... before the homeland security takes that away too... which will happen, and then, you won't have a protest against anything, you'll sit down, shut up and get in your proper place, with a rifle pointed at you.



John Birch

Some conservatives will join you to support the U.S. Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, as Bush consolidates fascism and the right sees that democracy is sinking and that a war economy is saping the country. Perhaps not the mega-corporation right. But the working class right. And the working class conservatives are the ones who have most of the private iron.

Judging from history... 21.Mar.2003 13:38


The ILWU rally outside Powell's on May Day 2000 DID let fire trucks through, even though Burnside was blocked.

And there's a VERY specific definition of when lethal force is justified. If any of you gun-totin' Republican Guard militia people shoots a protester, you're gettin' life w/o parole for 25 years at the minimum.

Shoot a protester, get Life? NOT 22.Mar.2003 01:27


If the shooter felt his/her life threatened, and could articulate that to a jury, he/she would get off. Hell, the cops shoot people all the time and never even have to go to court. So, don't wear your confidence like a bulletproof vest, my friend, it won't stop the bullets.

Gun toting Repukes forget.... 22.Mar.2003 01:54

k o n t r o l f a c t o r

I'd just like to add that these repukes forget that when they shoot a protestor, that makes the other protestors angry and really pissed off. Be glad that we protestors havent used gas grenades yet, or weapons . But if you shoot, we shoot back.
So if you wanna kill someone get off yer Lazy Fat ass and enlist in the military.

Oliver North 22.Mar.2003 06:31

seig Hell 0il

In one of Oliver N0rth's plans during Iran C0ntra (another stolen electi0n, treas0n, drug deal, arms deal) there were plans to suspend the constitution and declare martial law. If you had a copy of that plan you might know what these mili/oilygarchs are going to do. No, I don't have it either sorry.

Hmmm.... Secession 22.Mar.2003 09:03

CNP guy

Remember there is a party similar to what y'all are talking about: The Cascadian National Party.

The destruction of the Bill of Rights will be much more tolerable if we are under our OWN Bill of Rights.

I've gotta emphasize that this is a movement for PEACEFUL secession from the United States.... presently.


Peace and prayer

non-belligerence=more success in activism 04.Sep.2004 23:22


If you truly believe what you say, and there is more danger from the powers that be use violence against the rebellion, then the answer is nonviolence. Worked for Gandhi, it can work for us.
You see, the main thing is that resisting violently only gives the government to use violence to counter us, using our "threat to peace" as an excuse. If we promote peace, but act violently, we would be hypocrites. If we resist peacefully, i.e. civil disobedience, then there is no danger in activists being harmed physically.
The government will find no justification to attack peaceful protestors and will be powerless to stop us. That is unless, they accuse us of breaking some random law.