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political theory m20: day x

Prague, 1989. Portland, 2003

Portland is Prague.
Burnside = Wencelas Square.

Vera = Gustav Husak

The question is, who is our Vaclav Havel?
PLEASE! 20.Mar.2003 23:59

Aaron mitigated-disaster@db0.net

What rubbish.

Besides, who are we protesting? Vera or Dubya? Or have you forgotten already?

Oh wait 21.Mar.2003 11:09


wait wasn't the wonderful Mr. Havel fighting against the tyranies of the sort of state many of the Indymedia users would like to implement.

The Only Rubbish... 21.Mar.2003 13:10


Is that coming out of the mouths of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their cheerleaders on AM radio.

havel&NATO 22.Mar.2003 03:46


Havel supports NATO and signed over Czech soldiers for this war too. The velvet revolution was orchestrated by commies.