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WebRadio for Portland Indymedia now on the air.
Use your mp3 player to connect to to hear live broadcast. If you want to talk live, simply email your phone # to clamydia@mail.com and we will call you to talk on the air. Please feel free to do this for live updates, comments, etc...
oops 20.Mar.2003 23:40

clamydia clamydia@tearitalldown.com

the email address is  clamydia@tearitalldown.com, if you click on the above link and have POP3 hooked up on your comp, it will work, but if you try pasting the mail.com address into a webbased email compose box and sending it, I won't get it, because I'm only checking the tearitalldown email right now.

additional info 20.Mar.2003 23:59

clamydia clamydia@tearitalldown.com

OK, the posted email is bad. I'm not checking my mail.com account right now. However, the tag I put on the address will take you to the tearitalldown.com account. So if you CLICK on the email addy above and send an email there, it's fine, but if you cut and paste the address into a webbased email account compose box, it will send the email to an address that I will not be checking. anyway, if you want to eamil me, email  clamydia@tearitalldown.com. \
Also, If you want to talk live on the internet to portland indymedia webradio, and you know how to use IRC, connect to DalNet and join #portlandindy (go to www.irc.org and/or www.mirc.org to find out more).